The Doctors TV Show: Vacation Myth: Does Vacation Stress You Out


The Doctors TV Show covered the topic of whether or not vacations add stress to our lives.  Is it a Vacation Myth?  Or Does Vacation Stress You Out?  Here is what some people who were interviewed by The Drs TV Show had to say about vacations and stress: The Doctors Vacation Myth

– When you go back to work after vacation, it sucks so badly.


– When you get home from a vacation, you need to take another vacation to relax from your vacation.

– The first day back to work after vacation is so hard and almost feels like the worst day ever.  You even want to quit your job so you can go back on vacation the next day – if only the world worked this way!

The Doctors: Vacation Stress

Dr Jim Sears showed a photo of his most recent surfing vacation, and he did not look the least bit stressed out.  But Dr Travis Stork pointed out that if you are one of those people who must have dinner by 5 pm and see all 30 museums in the city, then you have to ask yourself if you are really enjoying your vacation or if it is just adding more stress to your life.  Think about what you can do that would relieve your stress during a vacation.  Dr Travis Stork also suggested that if you have 10 vacation days a year, maybe you should take one four day vacation and then two vacations that are three days long, since many people say that the anticipation of the vacation is actually the best part.  What do you think?



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