The Doctors TV Show: Tongue Tied Baby Cure to Help Breastfeeding


The Doctors TV Show today was focused on answering the question of How to Reverse Your Biggest Body Problems.  The Drs TV Show spoke about what to do if your baby is Tongue Tied.

The Doctors: Tongue Tied Babies

Dr Jim Sears was told by a mother that her newborn is having trouble breastfeeding and her doctor said that her baby could be Dr Jim Sears Tongue TiedTongue Tied.  What does it mean to be Tongue Tied?  And what can be done if your baby is Tongue Tied?  Dr Jim said that if the little flap of tissue that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth is too thick or goes more than half way up the tongue, then it can be hard or impossible for your baby to move his or her tongue outside the mouth.  As a child gets older, this flap gets thicker and grows more nerves, so it becomes harder, more painful, and more bloody to fix being Tongue Tied the older the baby gets.  But, if you fix being Tongue Tied when your baby is young, it is very easy because the tissue is thin.  Basically, a doctor just gets your baby to open his or her mouth, and cuts the tissue with a pair of blunt scissors.  The baby does not feel it at all and no numbing is even needed – it is kind of like cutting a fingernail and is truly a simple fix most of the time in babies.  So, if you are having a problem with latch or nipple pain, talk to your doctor and see if your baby needs the tissue clipped because he or she is Tongue Tied.



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