The Doctors TV Show: Tongue Raking & Hydro Floss for Bad Breath


The Doctors TV Show did a segment called “Why Do I Itch & Smell That Way?” and one topic they covered was Bad Breath.  When is Bad Breath a sign of something else?  And How Can You Get Rid of Bad Breath?  The Drs TV Show brought on a couple because the man, Brad, has really horrible breath at night.  It is so bad, that his bad breath wakes up his partner at night, so she surrounds him with pillows.  Brad questioned whether his Bad Breath can really be as bad as his wife claims. The Doctors How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

The Doctors: Bad Breath Tips

1. Yogurt for Bad Breath

Dr Lisa Masterson said that by eating yogurt, you replace the good bacteria that lives in your gut because of the probiotics found in the yogurt.  So try eating yogurt at night.


2. Tongue Raking for Bad Breath

Dr Andrew Ordon said that Tongue Raking removes bacteria that can coat your tongue like frosting.  By using a Tongue Rake, you are mechanically removing the bacteria from your tongue that cause Bad Breath.

3. Drinking Water Cures Bad Breath

The Doctors also said that drinking water and staying hydrated helps to fend off bad breath, because it removes old cells from sitting in your mouth and decomposing.

4.  Milk Kills Garlic Breath

The Doctors said that if you eat lots of garlic, you can counter the garlic breath caused by the sulfide compounds by drinking milk afterward.


The Doctors: Hydro Floss

The Doctors also showed a fabulous looking machine called the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator, which is an Oral Irrigator for cleaning your teeth and getting rid of bacteria. And for people with large hands who hate to floss – like my husband – this would be a fabulous alternative.

The Doctors did say that Bad Breath can be a sign of something dangerous sometimes.  For example, if your breath smells like feces, it can be a sign of having a Bowel Obstruction, so you should see your doctor right away.


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