The Doctors TV Show & St Jude’s Hospital: Doggy Days, Silly String War


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of Top Reasons People Call in Sick today.  One of The Drs TV Show segments was all about St Jude’s Hospital, which is a great organization.  I love to give donations to quality organizations as gifts for family and friends – especially for people who already have everything.  So, I would encourage everyone to make donations to St Jude’s Hospital. The Doctors St Judes Hospital

The Doctors: St Jude’s Hospital

A lady from St Jude Hospital was on The Doctors and spoke about how they give care for the whole family, the child and the disease.  People bring the children toys and games to help them get through their difficult journeys.  The following are some events that St Jude’s Hospital does for children.


St Jude’s Doggy Days:

On Doggy Days, a variety of dogs are brought to St Jude’s Hospital, which are an emotional release for the children.  They can just pet the dogs and zone out and relax.

St Jude’s High School Graduation:

Many kids do not make it to their high school graduation, so St Jude’s throws their own high school graduation.

St Jude’s Prom

Just like many kids miss their high school graduation, many kids also miss their prom.  So, St Jude’s throws their own prom which is just like a normal prom.


St Jude’s Silly String War

Another activity that they do is called the Silly String War, and all of the kids go outside and spray each other with silly string.

The bottom line is that St Jude’s Hospital treats illnesses with medication, but also lets children play, have fun and interact with one another, which helps them to feel better when going through difficult treatments.


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