The Doctors TV Show: Smooth Tuck vs Tummy Tuck & Dr Matthew Schulman


The Doctors TV Show did a show called Fix It Or Live With It to discuss what conditions you should fix and which you should just learn to live with.  One of the topics that The Drs TV Show covered was a Smooth Tuck, which is a new version of the Tummy Tuck that removes excess fat and skin.  Doris was the perfect candidate for the Smooth Tuck Surgery.  Dr Matthew Schulman did the procedure on her and she looked amazing afterward.

The Drs: Smooth Tuck vs Tummy Tuck

Since 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese, how can you remove the excess fat and skin?  A Tummy Tuck is The Doctors Smooth Tuckgenerally not an option unless you are fairly thin already.  One possible option is a new procedure called the Smooth Tuck.  Doris had the Smooth Tuck surgery and dropped two sizes and feels like she has abs of steel now.  Dr Matthew Schulman decided to start doing Smooth Tucks when most patients coming in for Tummy Tucks were 20-30 pounds overweight.  With the Smooth Tuck, he is able to remove 2-3 liters of fat and does not cut the muscle so you recover quicker.


The Doctors TV Show: What is The Smooth Tuck?

Dr Schulman explained that in the Smooth Tuck you do high volume liposuction to remove a lot of fat, so that the skin becomes lose.  Then you make an incision near the underwear line to remove the extra skin and to reposition the belly button.  This incision is smaller than with a Tummy Tuck, where you have to raise a larger flab of skin.

The Drs: Who Can Have a Smooth Tuck?

Dr Matthew Schulman said that the ideal patient for the Smooth Tuck is someone who is just a little bit overweight for a tummy tuck, which is a skin and muscle operation.  Doris was back at work in a week and had unrestricted physical activity in three weeks.


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