The Doctors TV Show: Lady Gaga Contact Lenses or Circle Lenses


The Doctors TV Show did a show called 24 Hours to Stop 24 Things.  Numbers 19 through 22 on the list of things to stop include the dangers of Lady Gaga Contact Lenses or Circle Lenses, the dangers of microwaving a hard boiled egg, the danger of not turning on the vent before you take a warm shower, and the proper way to do a military pull down at the gym.  The Drs TV Show brought on Kerry Assil to talk about the dangerous trend of Lady Gaga Contacts from the Bad Romance Video.

The Doctors: Lady Gaga Contact Lenses

The Doctors said that Lady Gaga made Circle Contact Lenses very popular.  They change your eye color and make your eyes look super large (like The Doctors Dangerous Contact Lensesthese: Colored Cosmetic Lens), but they are not FDA approved.  Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Video made these contact lenses popular, even though she did not wear them – her eyes were modified digitally to look like that.  Dr Jim Sears said that, if you want to look like Lady Gaga, try something else like wrapping your head in tin foil.  30,000 kids are hurt by contact lenses each year.  Kerry Assil said that are even more dangerous when not supervised by a doctor, because these Lady Gaga Contact Lenses reduce the oxygen supply to your cornea and can even cause blindness.  So, do not order them online for $20.  If you want colored contacts, go to the doctor and get a prescription or get them from a reputable vendor and carefully follow the cleaning instructions.


The Doctors: Do Not Microwave Hard Boiled Eggs

The Doctors said that if you try to reheat a hard boiled egg, it can explode.  If you want to reheat an egg, it needs to be pierced in some way or scrambled.  It becomes even more dangerous if you microwave a hard boiled egg right before it is about to explode and you remove it from the microwave, it can explode in your face.

The Doctors: Hydrogen Peroxide Cleans Bathroom Mold

The Doctors said that it is crucial to remember to turn on the fan or vent in your bathroom before you take a shower.  You should turn it on before you start your shower, keep it on the whole time, and then run it a little while afterward as well to prevent mold from growing in your bathroom.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that people like to use bleach to clean their bathroom, but the best thing to prevent mold is to clean your bathroom with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide.  You can also try something like MoldSTAT. One final tip from Lisa Masterson: keep your Hydrogen Peroxide in a dark area because light can weaken it. Now we know why Hydrogen Peroxide always comes in a dark brown bottle!

The Doctors: Shoulder Military Pull Down

Dr Travis Stork said that you should not do a Shoulder Military Pull Down behind your neck, because you can injure your shoulder joint.  Instead, pull it down in the front or just use dumb bells.  Some other common gym mistakes include not warming up before a workout and using weights that are too heavy for you.



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