The Doctors TV Show: Jeans Fight Cellulite With Green Tea


The Doctors: Cellulite-Fighting Jeans

The Drs TV Show “How To Outsmart Your Genes” spoke about ways to work around the genes that you are given.  What about if you are genetically prone to getting cellulite?  Dr Andrew Ordon showed a new type of jeans that fights Cellulite!  The jeans are made by a company in France and inside of the fabric are micro-encapsulated active ingredients.  The key ingredient in the Cellulite-Fighting Jeans is Green Tea.  Dr Ordon said that these may really decrease your cellulite, at least temporarily, because of the caffeine found in green tea.  He said that you have The Doctors TV Show Cellulite Jeansto wear the jeans for around 28 days though to see some benefits.  And here is there kicker – you cannot wash them during this time!  Why?  Because the active ingredients will get washed away.  Like Dr Travis Stork said, you will be making green tea in your washing machine!  Another option is to try something like the following home remedies which also apply caffeine and other active ingredients to your cellulite, but they cost a fraction of the price: Dr Oz Cellulite Home Remedy and this homemade Cellulite Herbal Wrap.

The Doctors TV Show: Race To Erase MS

The Doctors also brought Nancy Davis, one of the top fundraisers for MS or Multiple Sclerosis, onto their show to discuss the Race to Erase MS.  Every year Nancy Davis raises money for MS Research by holding an event called Race to Erase MS which is being held this weekend.  The Drs said that 400,000 people have MS and 3/4 of them are women.  She is also doing another event in May called Orange You Glad We Are Erasing MS.  Davis gave everyone in The Doctors audience an orange shirt with a crown on it and a ring from her Peace and Love Jewelry Collection.  You can go here to make a donation for MS Research.



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