The Doctors TV Show: Itchy Gum Causes & Itchy Throat Cures


The Doctors TV Show did a segment called “Why Do I Itch & Smell That Way?” and a couple topics that they covered were Itchy Gums and Itchy Throats.  I had never heard of anyone having Itchy Gums before, but it is definitely good to be informed in case the symptom ever comes up! The Doctors Itchy Throat Remedy

The Doctors: Itchy Gum Causes

The Doctors said that Itchy Gums can be a sign of several things, including Periodontal Disease because bacteria can sometimes get into your gums where floss and a toothbrush cannot reach.  Another cause of itchy gums can be an allergic reaction to certain foods such as eggs, raw fruit or nuts.


The Doctors: Burning Mouth Syndrome

The Doctors also showed a picture of a more rare cause of Itchy Gums which is called Burning Mouth Syndrome.  This condition is found mainly in elderly patients who have dentures that get bacteria buildup.

The Doctors: Itchy Throat Remedies

The Doctors gave several great Itchy Throat Home Remedies:

1.  Gargle with 1/2 tsp of salt mixed into a glass of lukewarm water – but be careful not to drink it!


2.  Add 1 tsp of honey and a squirt of lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water – but this time you drink it!

3.  Buy a Humidifier to help soothe your upper airway, but make sure to clean it out, because if you just let the water sit in the Humidifier, then it can become another smelly problem!  I absolutely love this Humidifier because it looks sleek in any room, rather than the big, bulky machine-like humidifiers that so many companies make!


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