The Doctors TV Show: How To Make Your Own Feminine Pad


The Drs TV Show: June 21 2011

The Doctors TV Show on June 21, 2011 was called “How To Choose The Best Of The Worst.”  Do you know what to do if you go to the bathroom and realize that there is no toilet paper?  Or what if you are stuck without a tampon or pad, do you know how to make your own feminine hygiene products out of toilet paper?  What about if you forget your toothbrush when you travel on vacation, what is a good alternative to keep your teeth clean when you are without a toothbrush?  Here are some of the suggestions from The Drs TV Show:

The Doctors: Emergency Toothbrush

When you are traveling and forget your toothbrush… or worse yet, when your toilet somehow falls into the toilet… here How To Make Your Own Padare some tips that the Doctors said we can use when we are in a pinch:


1.  Wet a cloth (such as kleenex, tissue paper or toilet paper), put salt onto the damp cloth, and rub it on you teeth.  It is mildly abrasive, plus it acts like an antiseptic to kill the bacteria in your mouth. Rinse your mouth out afterwards.

2.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that you could also try sucking on a lemon, which is helpful for cleaning your teeth and freshening your breathe.  Again, swish your mouth out with water afterwards.

3.  Dr Jim Sears said that just swishing water in your mouth can cut down on the bacteria present, and if you can find floss and mouthwash, that is even better.


Dr Andrew Ordon said that with all of these Emergency Toothbrush ideas, you have to be careful with your gums, especially with the more abrasive treatments like the water and salt on a cloth.

The Drs: How To Make You Own Feminine Pad

Dr Lisa Masterson said that if you are out of the house and all of a sudden realize your period has started but you do not have any tampons or pads, do not worry, you can make your own pad!  Tampons are FDA regulated, so you should not make your own tampon or stick anything inside that is not supposed to go there.  But pads you can make out of toilet paper.  Just make a bundle of toilet paper by folding it back and forth into a neat pile.  Then tie it with another piece of toilet paper.  By tying the toilet paper bundle, you increase the absorbancy and help to keep it condensed.  This will work when you are in a pinch!




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