The Doctors TV Show: How to Give a Foot Massage


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of “Secrets Your Feet Tell About Your Health.”  One of the topics that The Drs TV Show spoke about was How to Give a Good Foot Massage.  Here are some tips from a professional masseuse: The Doctors TV Show Foot Massage Tips

The Doctors: Foot Massage Tips

The Doctors: Ankle Shake

The first step was to do the Ankle Shake, in which you gently shake the ankle back and forth by placing one hand on either side of the ankle while massaging it to keep the muscles warm and to prepare the foot for relaxation.  You do not have to do this massage hard, it should be slow and gentle.


The Doctors: Foot Twist

The second step is something called the Foot Twist, where you place both hands around the foot and push one forward while you twist the other one backwards and then alternate.

The Doctors: Thumb Strips

The third step is called Thumb Strips, and what you do is to look at the sole of the person’s foot and visually section it off into 3 vertical sections.  Then, place your thumb on the first 1/3 and gently press as you move your thumb up from the heel to the toe.  And then go to the front of the foot and go down from the toe towards the ankle.  Repeat on the middle section and then, finally, on the last section of the foot.

You just want to be careful giving a pregnant woman a foot massage, because it can cause uterine contractions and can cause her to go into labor – which can be a good or bad thing depending on how far along she is in the pregnancy.



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