The Doctors TV Show: Healthy Numbers You Should Know


The Doctors TV Show was all about Healthy Numbers You Should Know to be sure your health is in check.  A few of the key points from The Drs TV Show was to know your blood count, your sperm count (if you are a man of course!) and to monitor the amount of sugar that you eat.

The Doctors TV Show: White Blood Cell Count

One of the numbers you must know is your White Blood Cell Count.  White Blood Cells are the cells that fight off viruses, bacteria and keep our bodies healthy.  You want to look for a White Blood Cell Count of between 4,300 and 10,800 cells per cubic millimeter.  Your White Blood Cell Count will increase if you are pregnant or if you have a Thyroid problem, infection or an allergy.  If your White Blood Cell Count is significantly increased, your doctor will be able to tell you this, and it can mean much more serious problems including cancer.


The Doctors TV Show: Sperm Count

A man named Bill from Denver, Colorado asked The Doctors “Is there a magic number of ‘swimmers’ I need to get my wife pregnant?”  The truth is that all you need is a single sperm to get The Doctors Healthy Numbers You Should Knowpregnant, but doctors generally want 20 million sperm per millimeter of semen in order to consider your sperm count “normal.”  In addition, when a doctor does a semen analysis, they check for the motility and strength of the sperm as well.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that is a good thing to get a Semen Analysis test run regularly, because it can help find Testicular Cancer.

The Doctors TV: Foods to Increase Sperm Count

The Doctors said that the following foods are great for boosting your sperm count if you are trying to get pregnant:

– Selenium boosts your sperm count as well as the sperm’s speed.  Eat foods rich in selenium like fish, meat, eggs and Brazil Nuts.


– L-Arginine is also good at increasing your sperm count and is found in eggs, sesame seeds, nuts and meat.

– L-Carnatine helps you to produce more sperm and is found in milk and red meat.

– Folic Acid is also good (and not just for women!) which is found in asparagus, spinach and avocado.

The Doctors TV Show: pH Numbers

The Doctors said that the pH of your body is how acidic you are.  Different parts of your body will have different pH levels.  Your esophagus should have a pH of 6, and if the pH is lower then it can lead to heartburn.  Dr Jorge Rodriguez told The Doctors that the pH can cause heartburn, GERD (Gastroeophogeal Reflux Disease) and Acid Reflux.  If you heave frequent heartburn, your doctor can check the pH of your esophagus with the Bravo Chip, which is a microchip that can be placed in your esophagus to send information about the pH levels for a 48 hour time period.


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