The Doctors TV Show: Fainting Causes: Tilt Table Test & Arrhythmia


The Doctors TV Show spoke about the causes of Fainting today, because 25-year-old Crystal has already fainted 5 times in her life and is worried that it might be something serious.  Crystal told The Drs that she gets lightheaded if she stands up for too long and once she fainted while getting her blood drawn.

The Drs TV Show: Fainting Tests

Dr John Kennedy ran several tests to see what is causing Crystal to faint.  Here are the three tests that he ran: The Doctors TV Show Vasovagal Syncope


The Drs: Blocked Heart Valve

The first test that Dr John Kennedy did was to check for a Blocked Heart Valve by doing an ultrasound.  The reason this can sometimes be the problem is because fainting is generally caused by a lack of blood flow to your brain, which can be caused by a Blocked Heart Valve.

The Drs: Arrhythmia & Zio Patch

The second test was to check for an Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, because you can pass out from your heart going too slowly or too quickly.  Sometimes an Arrhythmia is hard to catch though, so doctors usually place a Zio Patch on you to monitor your heartbeat for 10-14 days.

The Drs: Tilt Table Test

The final test that Dr John Kennedy did was called a Tilt Table Test and it helps to recreate the symptoms of fainting.


The Doctors TV: Fainting Test Results

Lack of blood-flow to your brain is what causes fainting because your blood provides crucial oxygen to your brain.  When your blood-flow to your brain starts to decrease, you feel light-headed and when you get no oxygen to your brain, that is when you pass out.  Dr John Kennedy found that Crystal has Vasovagal Syncope, which causes the body to overreact to stressful stimulus like the sight of blood.  The good news is that Vasovagal Syncope is very treatable, because you just have to avoid triggers and make sure to stay well hydrated.  Also, if you are near a swimming pool or driving a car, it is even more crucial to avoid this stimuli since passing out could be even more dangerous in this situations.


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