The Doctors TV Show: Double Vision Causes & Double Vision Treatments


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of how to Solve Your Biggest Double Dilemmas and one of the “Double Dilemmas” was the issue of Double Vision.  Elise Brisco was on The Drs TV Show to talk about Double Vision.  Research shows that over half of us have problems with our 3-D vision which impacts our depth perception and even our ability to drive safely.  5% of people have a lazy eye and eyes that do not work well together often do not see 3-D at all. The Doctors Double Vision

The Doctors: Double Vision Causes

Elise Brisco explained how our eyes work.  First, an image enters into our eye through the cornea in the lens, and then it is focused on the retina at the back of our eye.  From the retina, it gets sent to our brain which is where we actually see and interpret the image.  Double vision causes include the following:


– Distortion in the eye such as an Astigmatism.

– Eye muscle coordination problems, which can be a developmental issue beginning around the age of 2 years old.  You are not born with the ability to see, it is something that is learned.

– Neurological problems can cause double vision all of a sudden, and it never goes away if this is the cause of your Double Vision.  So if you suddenly have Double Vision out of nowhere, you should check with a doctor to be sure you did not have a stroke and that you do not have a Brain Tumor.


Dr Travis Stork had special glasses that caused him to have Double Vision, and he demonstrated catching a ball while wearing them.  He was able to catch a ball, but he was relying on his sense of touch to compensate for his bad vision, so he looked a little bit clumsy.

Another sign that something may be off with your vision is if you cannot see 3-D movies or if all they do is cause you headaches.  If this happens to you, then you should see an Optometrist.

The Doctors: Double Vision Treatments

There are different treatments for Double Vision depending on what is causing the problem for you.  For example, one Double Vision Treatment is an Eye Therapy that teaches your brain how to use both of your eyes together as a team.


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