The Doctors TV Show: 24 Hours to Stop 24 Things with Carly Weiner


The Doctors TV Show did a show called 24 Hours to Stop 24 Things.  The first 9 things on the list of things to stop include texting while driving, texting while walking, wearing lip gloss without SPF, slouching in a chair, ignoring chipped baby’s teeth, eating in the car, drinking  your calories, and popping pimples.  The Drs TV Show brought on Ava Shamban and Carly Weiner for several of these tips.

The Doctors: Stop Texting & Driving

The Doctors spoke about a lady who was found breastfeeding her baby (with the baby leaned up against the steering wheel), talking on her phone The Doctors TV Show & Dr Ava Shambanand driving with three other kids in her car.  Texting and driving at the same time is dangerous enough – but breastfeeding while driving is positively horrifying!


The Doctors: Stop Texting & Walking

The Doctors covered a story of a girl who was texting while walking and fell into an open manhole.  This is called DWI – Distracted Walking Individual.  Another kid got hit by a car because he did not notice he walked into the middle of the street while he was sending a text message.

The Doctors: Nail Drying Lamps Cause Skin Cancer

The Doctors said that when you go to get your nails done and the put your hands under a Nail Drying Lamp that uses UV Rays, you are setting yourself up for an increased risk of Skin Cancer on the back of your hands.  The UV Rays from the Nail Dryers can penetrate your skin.  So either do not use them or at least put sunblock on your hand before using them.

The Doctors: Lip Gloss Causes Cancer & Ages Your Lips

The Doctors said that by wearing a non-SPF lipgloss, it is like putting baby oil on your skin when you are out in the sun.  Non-SPF Lip Gloss can age your lips and increase your risk for skin cancer.  Look for a lipgloss with SPF 30 like Pucker Protector Lip Gloss or wear something like Vanicream Lip Protectant SPF 30 underneath your favorite lip gloss to protect your lips.


The Doctors: Good Posture & Slouching in Chairs

Dr Travis Stork picked out a lady from the audience who had bad posture.  You should not slouch in chairs or have poor posture because it can lead to tension headaches, migraine headaches, and pain in your shoulder, neck, and back.  Plus, you look better and younger when you sit up straight.  To fix your posture, scoot your butt up against the back of the chair and keep your feet flat on the floor.  Or you can use the Body Rite Posture Pleaser to help correct your posture.

The Doctors: What To Do If a Baby Tooth Gets Chipped

The Doctors were joined by Dr Carly Weiner, a dentist, who said that when a child chips a baby tooth, the parent should set up two appointments – one appointment for an xray and a second appointment for follow-up.  Nerve damage can occur behind the baby tooth, which is often seen by the tooth changing colors.  If there are no serious problems, the dentist can add some bonding material to make it more attractive and comfortable for your child.  So it is not really the baby tooth that you are worried about in a tooth chipping accident, it is the damage underneath that is of greater concern.

The Doctors: Stop Eating in Your Car

The Doctors said it is very germy to eat in your car because there are germs all over your dashboard, steering wheel, and radio controls.  This can lead to skin infections and other infections, because it is basically like eating with a dirty utensil.

The Doctors: Stop Drinking Your Calories

The Doctors said that some fruit juices are equivalent to drinking soda.  It is much better to eat a piece of fruit, because it has fiber that is good for your heart and your intestines.  They are estimating that by 2015, 75% of us will be overweight or obese, so this is one step to protect us against that.  A little juice is ok, but make sure it is 100% juice and only drink 4 ounces a day.

The Doctors & Ava Shamban: Don’t Pop Pimples

The Doctors were joined by Dr Ava Shamban who said that you should never pop pimples or use a pimple extractor tool, because they can cause brown patches or acne scarring.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that he sees people all the time with cystic acne who pick their face and may have permanent scarring, which is very hard to treat.  Plus, if you pop pimples with your nails, you can get dirt inside because your nails are not clean.


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