The Doctors TV: Double Jointed: Why Are People Double Jointed?


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of how to Solve Your Biggest Double Dilemmas and one of the “Double Dilemmas” was the issue of being Double Jointed.  Why are people Double Jointed?  And are there any health risks of being Double Jointed?  There was a man named Steve in the audience of The Drs TV Show who was extremely double jointed.  Steve told The Doctors that he was Double Jointed for as long as he can remember.  He could do all kinds of interesting, weird and somewhat creepy things with his body.  For example, Steve did something called the “Jump Rope” where he would hold his hands together in front of him in a circle, then he stepped through his legs while holding onto his hands and brought his hands all the way up his back and over his head while keeping his hands together the entire time.  He could also wrap his arms around his entire body (creating a “X” in the back with his arms) – it almost looked like he could do the Heimlich Maneuver on himself. The Doctors Double Jointed

The Doctors: Why Are People Double Jointed?

The Doctors said that your joints are all hinges that help your bones to move, but your shoulder is a special type of joint called a ball and socket joint.  In people who are Double Jointed, the socket part of the joint is hollow so basically every time Steve does the “Jump Rope” move he is dislocating his shoulder and then relocating it.  Also, Dr Travis Stork said that his bones are flatter.  Being Double Jointed is not problematic, except that you can stretch your ligament and tendons in bad ways, so you do not want to be so relaxed about it that you injure yourself.  You should have a doctor check that you are not hurting yourself regularly if you are Double Jointed.  Readers: If you are double jointed or know someone that is, give us your stories by making comments below.



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