The Doctors: “Total Blackout” Dares & Kym Douglas Odd Beauty Products


The Doctors: Total Blackout Host Jaleel White

The Doctors began their show with no idea as to who or what they would be discussing. With no information given beforehand, it was a rare, unplugged episode of The Drs. The mystery began to unfold when a call came in for Dr. Jim Sears. The unknown caller asked about bathing and potty time for toddlers, but soon, it was revealed that the voice belonged to Jaleel White.

The Doctors: "Total Blackout" Dares & Kym Douglas Odd Beauty Products

The Doctors went unplugged and unscripted with a show featuring Total Blackout style challenges.


Jaleel is the host of the SyFy series Total Blackout, a game show that taps into contestants’ fears of the unknown. The doctors were all a bit nervous to learn that they’d each be challenged to a Total Blackout dare, and first up was none other than Dr. Sears.

Dr Sears: Darkness Challenge

When you lose one sense, your brain panics and your other senses become heightened. Dr. Sears entered an empty bathtub wearing blackout goggles, which immersed him in total darkness. For his challenge, he was asked to identify the objects poured on top of him, and also share their health benefits. “Please, no bugs!” Dr Sears begged.

Dr Sears managed to identify all of his objects, and no, there were no bugs! There was, however, raw shrimp, which was a little bit gross. Shrimp contains heart-healthy Omega 3 and is good for your brain. The same can be said for seaweed, which was also dumped over the unsuspecting doctor.


Finally, cooked spaghetti rained over the bathtub, which is a good source of carbohydrates. Thankfully, Dr. Sears survived his challenge unscathed.

Dr Lisa: Gerontophobia Dare

Gerontophobia is the fear of growing old, and Dr. Lisa Masterson was challenged to a very bizarre, age-themed dare. Using only her senses of touch and smell, she was asked to identify the ages of three people. There was an older man, a young man and a man who fell somewhere in the middle. Dr Lisa guessed 30, 20 and 18. In reality, the guys were 63, 30 and 22. Check out the pretty awkward challenge in the video below.

Kym Douglas: Odd Beauty Gadgets

After Dr Sears washed off the raw shrimp smell, beauty expert Kym Douglas stopped by for a surprise visit. Kym showed off some odd beauty gadgets, including ones you probably wouldn’t want to try! Dr. Andrew Ordon tested out a laugh line mouth stretcher from Japan, and Dr. Travis Stork put on a bizarre facial mask meant to heat your face from the inside. Very Hannibal Lecter, if you ask me.

Dr Sears: Formula vs. Baby Food

Dr Sears and Dr Ordon later fielded a question on formula vs. baby food. They explained that a baby can switch to jarred food beginning at six months. Mostly, it was just an excuse for the doctors to clown around with baby food.


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