The Doctors: TMI Tuesday Embarrassing Health & Medical Stories


The Doctors: TMI Tuesday Embarrassing Health & Medical Stories

The Doctors shared their most embarrassing medical stories on TMI Tuesday.

The Doctors: Embarrassing Stories

On a brand new edition of TMI Tuesday, The Doctors covered your most embarrassing health questions. But before they fielded audience questions, The Doctors decided to turn the tables and address some of their own embarrassing problems. Each doctor shared his or her most cringe-worthy medical story.


Dr. Jim Sears Rectal Exam

Dr. Jim Sears’ most embarrassing moment came when he received an unexpected rectal exam from a colleague, Dr. Jennifer Berman. He had been having a stomach ache all day and hadn’t even showered. He admitted that the whole ordeal was “super embarrassing,” even though he was under the care of professionals. His advice for undergoing a rectal exam is to “relax and go to your happy place.”

Dr. Andrew Ordon Boating Accident

Dr. Andrew Ordon experienced a boating accident, but it’s not what you think; after going commando under his shorts, he actually got a hook caught in the worst place possible. He began to bleed and had to have the cut stitched up by his partner. It was definitely an awkward – and painful – moment.


Dr. Lisa Masterson First Period

Dr. Lisa Masterson hates having her period while filming the show, because she’s always sneaking around and hiding tampons from her male colleagues. When a woman has to change her pad or tampon, she has to do it ASAP, but she’s not always in the best situation (or close to a bathroom). Dr. Lisa got her very first period on the school bus, and her very kind bus driver gave her his jacket to hide it.

Dr. Travis Stork First Date Vomiting

One of the most embarrassing stories from Dr. Travis Stork’s life was when he vomited before a first date at the age of 16. Thankfully, his date wasn’t in the car yet, but he couldn’t get rid of the vomit smell no matter how hard he tried. For the next year, his car smelled like a mixture of vomit and cologne. He explained that nerves can cause vomiting because they can cause an irritation of the stomach and can even stop digestion.


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