The Doctors: Tinnitus Ringing Ear Causes & Neuromonics Review


The Doctors: Ringing Ear Causes

Brenda has complained of ringing in her ears for over a year. One in five people suffer from this condition, but Brenda’s doctors said there isn’t much they can do. The Doctors played some annoying sounds to demonstrate different types of Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Causes are hard to determine.

Dr. Andrew Ordon showed an animation of what happens inside your middle and inner ears, where delicate hairs respond to sound waves. Somehow, a leak gets into the system, which can cause hearing loss or ringing in the ears. I think I’m getting a headache from those sample sounds they shared.


The Drs: Ringing In The Ears

If you have ringing in the ears, you are not alone, and sound therapy may help you.

The Drs TV: Tinnitus Causes

The Doctors shared several potential causes for Tinnitus, or Ringing In The Ears. They include Inner Ear Damage, Age-Related Hearing Loss, Exposure To Loud Noise, Earwax Blockage, and Ear Bone Changes.

Meniere’s Disease is another condition associated with Tinnitus. Its symptoms include hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and vertigo. Dr. Travis Stork added that medication side effects from certain anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, erectile dysfunction medications, and antidepressants can also be a culprit.


The Drs: Tinnitus Sound Therapy Treatment

Joseph is a combat veteran suffering from Tinnitus. Loud explosions damaged his hearing while he was serving in Iraq. Now he’s getting Sound Therapy to retrain his brain and manage anxiety. For two hours a day over eight months, he listens to soothing music mixed with Tinnitus sounds. Joseph said it is improving his quality of life.

Corporal Joseph Lewit appeared in the audience to share more of their story. He still has Tinnitus in both his ears. He was actually hit by an IED, and also has some minor hearing loss. His symptoms are the worst when he is in a quiet environment. Ambient noise helps relieve his irritation.

The Doctors: Neuromonics Review

Curtis Amann, director of sales for Neuromonics, said that advances in science and technology allow these sound devices to be customized to an individual’s Tinnitus symptoms and hearing profile, helping them get relief.

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