The Doctors: Thompson Tee Review & Dancing & Men’s Physical Strength


The Doctors: Lifestyle Expert Moll Anders

The Doctors: Thompson Tee Review & Dancing & Men's Physical Strength

The Doctors and lifestyle expert Moll Anderson discussed why men’s style of dancing can indicate their physical strength.

Redesign your life with The Doctors, from redecorating your home to decluttering your life. Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson joined the docs for discussions on simple and helpful ways to improving your health and mood.


The Drs: Are Romance Novels Bad For Your Health?

First, The Doctors asked the question, could romance novels be bad for your health? An article from the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care believes that reading romance novels could create confusion between fantasy and reality. I don’t think that women read romance novels and think they portray real life – isn’t that the point? What’s your take on this issue?

The Doctors: Can Sweat Smell Appealing?

Next, The Doctors tackled a question that I don’t think anyone wants the answer to. Can sweat actually smell appealing? One brave audience member participated in a “sniff test” on The Doctors stage. Dr. Travis Stork handed her different T-shirts, one of which smelled like “funky mushroom cheese.”


Dr. Travis explained that the “garlicky” smell of stress sweat comes from aprocine glands. On the other hand, the smell of sweat from working out is just water and sodium chloride. That can smell much better, but not for long. When left on the skin, it will soon become “funky.”

Dr. Jim Sears has admitted to excessive sweating, but he now relies on the Thompson Tee for smelling fresh all day.

The Doctors: Could Dancing Be an Indicator Of Men’s Physical Strength?

The last topic included dancing and physical strength. Could the way a man dances be an indicator of how strong he is? According to a new study, men who dance more vigorously and with bigger arm movements are much stronger and more masculine than those who don’t. To put this theory to the test, Dr. Travis and Dr. Sears hit the floor and showed off some of their best moves.


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