The Doctors: The View Fallout + Boston Baby Doe Identified

The Doctors: More Fallout After Nurse Comments On The View

In the Doctors News in 2:00, they reported that The View fallout continues as Johnson and Johnson and Eggland’s Best Eggs, say they are pulling advertisements from the show, following the comments the hosts made about Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, who spoke about being a nurse during the talent portion of the Miss America contest. Joy Behar and Michelle Collins are under fire for the comments they made trivializing Kelley’s monologue. Social media erupted for those in the nursing profession and now the hashtag Nurses Unite has been used for than 40,000 times.

Johnson and Johnson is giving the money pulled from advertisements to nursing scholarships. 


The Doctors: Dr Jennifer Ashton Joseph Price Oration

The Doctors: The View Fallout + Boston Baby Doe Identified

The Doctors talked about even more fallout after comments made on The View about Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson. (nickstep / Flickr)

The Doctors then applauded their own Dr Jennifer Ashton, who has chosen to give the prestigious Joseph Price oration at the American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society conference. Dr Ashton is the ABC news senior medical contributor for Good Morning America. Dr Ashton’s key note address was on women’s health in the media.


The Doctors: Baby Doe Identified

The Doctors then discussed how, for months, most of the country was captivated by Boston’s Baby Doe. A couple months ago, a baby’s body was found inside a plastic bag washed up on the shore of Boston. Investigators thought the child was about 4-years-old, but had no idea what the cause of death was, or who she was. In July, police released a computer generated image of the girl that was shared more than 50 million times on social media. Now, Baby Doe has been identified as Bella Bond and the investigation remains active.

The Doctors: How Wardrobe Relates To Income

The Doctors then shared that your wardrobe could be making you poor. A recent survey asked 2,000 hiring managers why employees were passed over for promotions and some of the top reasons had to do with clothing. Approximately 40% of the people surveyed said they were less likely to promote someone who wore provocative clothing, while others wouldn’t promote someone because of wrinkled clothing. Plus, 27% said wardrobe could be too casual for the work place.


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