The Doctors Most Surprising Reason For Spring Weight Gain


The Doctors: The Most Surprising Reason For Spring Weight Gain

According to The Doctors, the most surprising reason for spring weight gain is springing forward, the changing of the clocks giving us an extra hour of daylight at night. This usually throws off our inner clocks, we start to stay up later, so we get tired the next day and we end up eating more because we’re tired. The best way to avoid this is to just be prepared. When its almost the day for the clocks to change, start going to bed earlier. Plan out your meals and rest times ahead of time.

Electric Toothbrush Dangers

Electric toothbrushes represent unique dangers for parents


The Doctors: Electric Toothbrush Dangers

Electric toothbrushes can be dangerous for children. According to the Doctors, there are cases of the head coming off the electric toothbrush and kids chipping teeth, choking, cutting their mouths and gum and even injuries to their faces and eyes. This doesn’t mean abandon your mechanical toothbrush. It has its pluses. It can encourage kids to brush more because it’s fun and it does clean their teeth better than a regular toothbrush. So the key is simply to be careful. Even with an ordinary toothbrush, be observant and just pay attention to your children when they are brushing.

The Doctors: Melanoma Passed Through Pregnancy

The Doctors examined a strange and moving medical oddity. The case of Addison Cox, a baby who got Melanoma passed down to her through her mother’s pregnancy. The reason this is a big deal is because it’s generally assumed that cancer can’t be passed through pregnancy. The membranes through which mothers pass oxygen and nutrients onto their unborn babies are designed only to let smaller particles through such as the aforementioned oxygen and nutrients, but also drugs, alcohol and viruses. But larger particles such blood and cancer can’t get through.

Young Addison has Stage 4 Melanoma that she contracted in utero. Her mother, a police officer, has died from her own bout with Melanoma. Her father has formed a non-profit to help fight Melanoma called Addison’s Army Against Melanoma.


The Doctors: Yoga for Back Pain

People with back pain frequently have trouble finding work out routines that don’t exacerbate their pain. The Doctors suggest Yoga. But you have to be careful with the style you choose. The Doctors suggest a style that emphasizes postures is a good place to start, but you should consult your personal doctor before you start any new routine.


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