The Doctors: Text Neck Spine Damage & Prevention Exercises


The Doctors TV: Text Neck Dangers

Bailey is 15 and she loves to text, but she has been complaining about lower back and neck pain. Her mother says she texts constantly, but this back pain is a cause for concern.

Chiropractor Jennifer Jara said she believes Bailey’s problems are caused by Text Neck, a loss of curvature in the neck. Constant texting or computer use can slowly flatten out the spine and straighten the neck. This can advance to cause bone spurs, loss of disc height, and arthritis in the neck.


The Doctors: Text Neck Dangers

The Doctors discussed the dangers of Text Neck, which changes the curve of the spine.

Text Neck: Spine & Neck Damage

Bailey said she sends and receives hundreds of text messages each day. Dr. Travis Stork and Jennifer Jara looked at Bailey’s X-ray, compared to the normal curvature of the neck and spine.

The normal neck’s curve almost made a letter C, but Bailey’s X-ray showed a nearly straight line. Jennifer Jara said Bailey had headaches and neck tension, and an X-ray was the only way to get a definitive diagnosis of her condition.


The Doctors: How To Prevent Text Neck

Dr. Travis Stork had advice for other moms and daughters about how to avoid these problems. Prevention is ideal, because it is easier to avoid this problem than to treat it once it begins to advance.

Jennifer Jara said you can bring the phone up to eye level when you are texting. You can also drop your head backwards, to force your neck into a more normal curvature.

Letting your head dangle off the end of a table or bed can also stretch the muscles and prevent proper form. Another way to encourage the correct curve is to lay on your stomach, with hands to your side, and raise your head, similar to Superman’s flight posture.

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Teen Bra Advice

Mothers often say their daughters have concerns about being flat-chested when they are starting puberty. Dr. Lisa Masterson recommends a supportive training bra, but not one that is padded or makes a young girl’s chest look larger. You want to make your daughter feel good and confident about her body for the rest of her life.


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