The Doctors: Testicular Tortion & Ruptured Testicles Symptoms & Signs


The Doctors: Dr Dudley Danoff Review

Mike from Orlando wants to know when it’s time to worry about Groin Pain. It always hurts to take a hit down there, but should it ever be cause for concern?

Dr. Dudley S. Danoff is a urologist and he said the testicles are soft and pliable, so they tend to easily recover from Groin Pains caused by physical activity and sports, with pain sometimes lasting as long as an hour.


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The Drs: Testicular Tortion

If you are having lasting testicular pain, it could be a serious, time-sensitive medical emergency.

Dr. Dudley Danoff: Testicular Tortion

Dr. Danoff said if you have sudden onset, severe pain in the groin, lasting more than an hour, especially if you are between the age of 12 and 25, it could be a serious condition. Testicular Tortion is a twisting of the testicles, and it’s not something you should try to wait out.


A Testicular Tortion cuts off the blood supply to a testicle, which can kill the testicle, and it is a serious emergency. It must be corrected within six hours to give the testicle a good chance of survival. After 12 hours, the chance of saving the testicle is dramatically reduced, and at 24 hours, the testicle cannot be saved.

The Doctors: Ruptured Testicles

Dr. Dudley Danoff said Testicular Torsion can also affect fertility, and it tends to affect younger men. Parents need to pay attention if their kids complain about testicular pain. Getting to the emergency room in time can reverse and prevent these effects.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said it’s also possible to rupture a testicle, but this causes excruciating pain that would be impossible to ignore.

The Drs TV: Testicular Pain

It’s important to remember that after a direct hit to the testicle, it’s normal to experience pain for up to one hour following the impact. But if you have severe pain, or it lasts longer than 60 minutes, it is a medical emergency and you should not wait to go to the ER, so your testicle can be saved.


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