The Doctors: Talking with Kids About Feminine Products & Menstruation


The Doctors: Teaching Children About Feminine Products

The embarrassing questions never stop when there are children around. They are always thinking of something new to ask and Andrea is not new to all the questions but she did want to know how she was suppose to explain feminine products to her little boys.

“They love playing around with everything,” she told The Doctors. “They even stick the pads on the wall.”


The Doctors: Talking with Kids About Feminine Products & Menstruation

The Doctors helped one woman, Andrea, who was struggling trying to come up with a way to talk with her children about feminine products.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said this is a good opportunity to teach them about their bodies and the difference between males and females. She said the key to teaching them about these sensitive topics is to use age appropriate language and explanations.

What To Tell Kids About Menstruation

The only thing you do not want to do according to Dr. Masterson, is telling the children you are injured when you have your period. This will make the children think their mom is hurt and they will also have a negative view of menstruation, which is not good for female or male children.


Dr. Jim Sears said when a mother asks him this question he tells them to tell their children nothing bad is happening to her body. He said it is best to tell the children the body gets ready to make a baby every single month and once a month, if there is no baby in the mommy’s tummy, something that looks like blood will come out and mommy uses the pads to keep the blood from ruining her clothes. He said this usually satisfies them but if not, you might need to explain some more.

Kids Ask 288 Questions a Day

A new study in the United Kingdom found that out of thousands of children, the average number of questions they asked their mother each day is around 288.

“One reason why is because the dad always says ‘go ask mom,'” commented Dr. Masterson.


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