The Doctors: Synthetic Marijuana Taken By Demi Moore


The Doctors: Body Signs

What is your body telling you? The Doctors say you can stay on top of what’s going on with your health by paying attention to the signs and signals your body sends you.

The Doctors: Demi Moore

A 911 call about Demi Moore was released to the public, raising concerns about health & privacy. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /


The Drs TV: Demi Moore 911 Call

The Doctors started by discussing actress Demi Moore’s recent hospitalization, which was explained away as exhaustion. Questions were raised in the media about whether she has relapsed into using drugs.

Dr. Travis Stork said The Doctors have heard the 911 call relating to Demi Moore’s recent troubles, and they do not feel that these 911 tapes should be made public.

He said that’s because personal information is shared in these calls, and it could be a breach of doctor-patient confidentiality.


911 Privacy Laws

Dr. Lisa Masterson said it should be considered confidential. Dr. Andrew Ordon said he doesn’t think it’s right that these calls are not protected by patient privacy laws.

Dr. Travis said that critics call 911 a public service, making its calls public information. But he urged lawmakers to take a look at privacy and 911 calls.

Synthetic Marijuana Over The Counter

Dr. Travis said there has been speculation that Demi Moore may have been using synthetic marijuana. He explained that users can have adverse reactions to these unregulated synthetic drugs. The DEA is cracking down on these spices, which were available as spices or incense in shops across the country.

The active ingredient is similar to THC, the cannabinoid that gives marijuana its potency. But synthetic drugs are also laced with chemicals, and there is no way to know what chemicals have been used in producing these.

Synthetic Marijuana Health Risks

Symptoms of synthetic marijuana usage include seizure, racing heart, and severe anxiety. Even doctors don’t necessarily know what chemicals have been used, and that makes it difficult to treat patients in an emergency.

There is also no consistency among the product supply, so a person could have a different reaction every time. Dr. Lisa stressed that they are just giving information and not implicating Demi Moore or anyone specifically.

Dr. Travis said that the trends in hospital visits related to synthetic drugs have caused federal officials to crack down.

Demi Moore’s Weight Loss

Dr. Lisa said that Demi Moore is going through some personal issues in her life. She said that women often reflect their life stresses through weight, either by losing or gaining weight in a short period of time.

Dr. Andrew said you can see that Demi has lost a lot of weight by comparing pictures over the last six months. Dr. Lisa said the best thing you can do for a friend in this situation is not gossip about them, but find a way to help them.

Unattractive Men & Happier Marriage

Dr. Travis asked The Doctors if they think of themselves as attractive. He said your looks can predict the success of your marriage. A study finds that women with less attractive husbands are happier than those with hotties.

People on the street had a variety of opinions about the validity of this study, and what makes for a good relationship. Dr. Lisa said women are concerned with looks as well as financial stability. None of The Doctors mentioned Demi & Ashton, nor did they talk about what might happen if a couple were evenly matched, looks-wise.

Dr. Travis said one theory is less attractive men will place their wives on a pedestal. He said he thinks it comes down to behavior, making trust a hugely important component. The male doctors all said their wives were more attractive than they are.


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