The Doctors: Surprise Advice from Dr Sears & 3 Clues in Your Walk


Dr Sears: How Can I Get My Child To Eat Dinner?

What parent wouldn’t love a surprise visit from pediatrician Dr Jim Sears? Well, on The Doctors, Dr Sears popped up in some unexpected places, providing answers to common parenting questions. Let’s take a look at some of the advice Dr Sears dished out.

The Doctors: Overnight Diapers for Kids & Walking Health Clues

Could your walk provide clues to your health? The Doctors found out.


On the playground, a mom asked Dr Sears how she can get her son to eat dinner. He eats lots of snacks during the day, but then at dinnertime, he’s not interested. However, Dr Sears said that this is just fine with him. In fact, eating small meals throughout the day is the healthy way to eat. His advice was to let kids’ tummies be their guide.

Dr Sears: Should A Six-Year-Old Wear A Diaper Overnight?

Next up was a question from the car pool lane. Is it normal for a six-year-old to wear a diaper overnight? According to Dr Sears, it’s perfectly normal. The child should outgrow it, so you can choose to do nothing. Or, Dr Sears suggested waking your child up at night and helping him or her use the potty. It’s up to the parent.

So, if you’ve got a parenting question, look out; Dr Sears might be popping up near you!


The Doctors: 3 Surprising Walking Health Clues

You may have a signature strut, even if you don’t realize it. But how does the way you walk affect your health? Dr Stork examined three surprising clues that can point to a larger problem. The first was slow walking; in a study that followed walking speed,¬†people who walked three feet vs two feet per second lived slightly longer.

If you have a very bouncy walk, that can also cause a problem. The bounciness in the walk means tight calf muscles, which in turn means unwanted pressure on the Achilles tendon. High heels can also cause a similar problem.

Lastly, if you don’t swing your arms slightly as you walk, this could indicate back problems– even a slipped disk. Pay attention to your strut to find out if you might need to see a doctor.


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