The Doctors: Strong Handshakes Live Longer & Weak Handshakes Die


The Doctors TV Show discussed a recent study that found that your chance of dying is 67% higher if you have a weak handshake as compared to individuals with a strong handshake.  Some people who were interviewed on The Drs TV Show said the following about what handshakes mean: The Doctors Handshake

– A good handshake is important to make a good first impression


– A weak handshake is a bad sign to send to people

– A firm handshake is a sign of confidence and that the person makes better decisions

– A weak handshake shows a lack of sincerity and honesty


– Shaking someone’s hand who has a weak handshake is like putting your hand in a tub of tomato sauce – yuck!

Dr Travis Stork said that the reason that the study found that the death rate is higher for people with a weak handshake is because they are more neurotic and less confident and positive.  The other major takeaway from this segment is that you should always wash your hands after a hand shake – whether it is a firm hand shake or a weak hand shake!


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