The Doctors: Stem Cell Injection Knee Pain & Rotator Cuff Tear


The Doctors: Stem Cell Knee Pain Injections

Barbee is a Colorado interior designer who likes to be active. After knee surgery a few years ago, she learned that she didn’t have good cartilage in her knee. Now she has trouble going down stairs or bending her knee. She wants to hike the Grand Canyon and feel youthful again.

Dr. Christopher Centeno of the Centeno-Schultz Clinic had a solution for Barbee. Now there is an injection that can achieve results that used to only be available through complex surgery. Using a needle, Dr. Centeno drew bone marrow from Barbee’s knee and analyzed it to find a high concentration of stem cells.


The Doctors: Stem Cells For Knee Pain

New stem cell procedures are non-surgically repairing knee pain in a fraction of the time.

Dr. Ron Hanson also worked on Barbee’s surgery, and he injected a mixture containing her own stem cells into her Meniscus Tear, which should naturally regenerate her tissues.

The Drs TV: Stem Cell Injection Results

Dr. Hanson & Barbee joined Dr. Travis Stork in the studio, just a few days after the surgery. She said she is already feeling great after a short time. Three days after the procedure, she is easily navigating stairs and once again looking forward to her dream of hiking the Grand Canyon.


The Doctors showed Barbee’s Before And After MRI scans. She was losing Cartilage in her knee, but the stem cell injection filled in that missing Cartilage.

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The Drs: Rotator Cuff Tear Stem Cell Injection

Dr. Hanson said these injections can also be used for Rotator Cuff Tears. He showed Before And After MRIs of a patient with a sever Rotator Cuff injury who is almost completely healed seven months after this procedure.

Dr. Travis said that this procedure can more quickly heal injuries that used to have recovery times of several months. Dr. Hanson said this procedure is still new, and it’s not right for everyone. He recommends that patients look into multiple ways to protect and maintain their joints.


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