The Doctors: Start 2012 Right With A Checkup & Fitness Goals


The Doctors: 2012 Checkup & Fitness Goals

The Doctors appeared to be well-rested and energetic for their first new show of 2012. That’s good, because today’s show was all about The Doctors 12 Month Plan For A New You in 2012.

The Doctors: Ultimate Hangover Breakfast

Many of us rang in the new year with a few alcoholic beverages. But Dr. Travis Stork said alcohol can dehydrate you and deplete the vitamins in your body. That’s why they shared The Doctors Hangover Smoothie. The ingredients included bananas, honey, and milk.


The Doctors: Start 2012 Right With A Checkup & Fitness Goals

The Doctors recommend getting a checkup to track your progress as you set health goals for 2012.

Dr. Andrew Ordon shared his ideas for a Hangover Omelet. He said eggs and cheese can give you a boost of Vitamin B12. Asparagus in the omelet gives you 66% of your body’s daily Vitamin K needs. The full recipes weren’t shared on the show, but can be found at

The Drs TV Show: New You In 2012 – January: Get A Checkup

Dr. Travis Stork said getting a checkup is a great way to start the year, especially if you haven’t seen your doctor lately. This will help you and your doctor understand what’s normal for you and discover any warning signs that can lead to bigger problems.


The Doctors: Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure should be around 120/80 or less. He added that 140/90 or higher is high blood pressure. But if you don’t check it, you won’t know where you are at. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure, among other consequences.

The Doctors TV Show: Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index, or BMI, is measured by your height and weight, and is an indication of whether you are overweight. 18 to 25 is considered a normal body mass index. A BMI of 25 to 30 is overweight, and anything above 30 is obese, Dr. Travis Stork explained.

Dr. Travis Stork said getting a physical now will help you track your progress throughout the year. He added that specific, clearly defined goals are more achievable than vague ones. He suggested tracking your stats throughout the year.

The Doctors: iPad Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr. Jim Sears shared a blood pressure monitor that connects to your iPad or other device to measure your vital signs. This can even allow your doctor to monitor your progress in real time.

The Doctors said the advantage of tracking your blood pressure at home is that it’s easier than going to the doctor’s office. Doctor visits can be intimidating, which could cause your blood pressure to be elevated in the office. But monitoring it at home will give a more accurate indication of your typical blood pressure.

Click here to purchase a Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.

The Doctors: Zero Scale

Dr. Lisa Masterson said many people hate getting on the scale, which can deter them from making progress. This scale is programmable, and instead of telling you your total weight, it will tell you how much you have lost or gained since your last weigh-in. She said this will help you to focus on your progress rather than your total weight.

The Doctors: New You In 2012 – February: Move More

Dr. Travis Stork said in February you should train for an event or race. The Doctors agreed that working toward a specific event makes you more motivated to stick with your workout program. It can also help you connect with others who are getting ready for the event, so you can support one another in working toward your goal.

Dr. Lisa Masterson pointed out that many walks and runs benefit great causes, which can give you another reason to feel good about what you’re doing. You can find a 5K, triathlon, or even a marathon in your area to learn more information.

The Doctors: Fit Bit Pedometer

Dr. Travis Stork said that studies have found people who wear pedometers are likely to take three times as many steps in a day as those who do not wear one. He showed off the Fit Bit Pedometer, which not only tracks your steps, but also the distance you’ve traveled, calories burned, and more. It also wirelessly uploads the data so you can track it.

Dr. Jim Sears said wearing a pedometer will encourage you to push yourself to take more steps each day. Dr. Travis Stork said this can be another way to motivate you and help to encourage your progress. You can click here to purchase your own Fit Bit Pedometer.

The Doctors TV Show: 2012 Giveaways

In addition to the Blood Pressure Monitor and Zero Fit Scale, everyone in the studio audience received the Fit Bit Pedometer and running shoes from Asics. Click here to purchase your own Asics Running Shoes.


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