The Doctors: Smoking Spice, Orange Dragon Spice & Farm Parties


The Doctors TV Show did a show called 24 Hours to Stop 24 Things.  Numbers 10 and 11 on the list of things to stop include the latest drug that teenagers are smoking (known as Spice or Orange Dragon Spice), which is sold as an incense but that they are smoking in pipes.  Plus, have you heard about Farm Parties or Bowl Parties?  If you have not, you must read this to make sure and protect your kids from these dangerous life-threatening parties. The Drs TV Show brought on Melanie Woodrow for advice on this topic.

The Doctors: Spice Incense or Orange Dragon Spice Dangers

The Doctors spoke about the latest trend in what people are smoking and it is called Spice or Orange Dragon Spice.  The dangerous thing is that this substance can be found at many stores Danger of Smoking Spicebecause it is sold as an incense.  However, this is basically just a smoke screen since most everyone is buying it to smoke in pipes. Here is one example that I found online that sounds like this product: Spice Incense, but it comes in many different packages.  Clearly people use this kind of incense for smoking, because who would be spending $100 or more on incense for fragrance purposes?  A man who tried Smoking Spice said that he had a great high for about two hours where he just sat on the couch smiling, but it was followed by a great low with the worst migraine headache he ever had.  He said one of the selling points of Smoking Spice to its users is that you do not need to smoke as much and it lasts twice as long.


The Doctors: Dangers of Smoking Spice

Melanie Woodrow said that Smoking Spice is a huge risk because you do not know what you are getting, all you know is that the package says it is not for human consumption.  An ingredient called JWHO17 found in Spice mimics the effect of smoking marijuana, but can cause an elevated heart rate and seizures.  The Doctors said that when you Smoke Spice, it goes right into your blood stream and straight to your brain.  Dr Travis Stork said that the frontal lobe of your brain is where judgment takes place, and you can lose your judgment and make bad decisions when you Smoke Spice.  Plus, you do not even know what substances are in Spice, so please do not smoke it and talk to your teenagers and children about it as well.

The Doctors: Bowl Parties & Farm Parties

The Doctors said that another dangerous trend seen among teenagers these days are things called Bowl Parties or Farm Parties, where kids raid their parent’s prescription drugs and even over-the-counter drugs.  All of the pills are poured into a big bowl and passed around at a party along with alcohol, which is very dangerous.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that this is an ER doctor’s nightmare, because there is no way to know what they even took.  Dr Travis Stork said that if someone overdoses on one thing, you can often save them, but if you took a mixture and do not even know what you took, it is almost impossible to come up with a way to save the person.  Dr Jim Sears said that if you are done using pills, dispose of them in dirty kitty litter or a dirty baby’s diaper so that nobody will want to pick them up out of the trash.


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