The Doctors: Skinny Leg Injections & Running Backwards Exercise


The Doctors: Skinny Leg Solutions

Are you embarrassed by your skinny legs? Have you been searching for a way to remedy their gangly appearance? Dr. Andrew Ordon weighed in with some plastic surgery solutions you could consider to improve the appearance of your scrawny legs.

The Drs: Skinny Legs

Are you self conscious about your skinny legs? The Doctors had multiple solutions to help you gain confidence in your appearance.


The Drs TV: Calf Implants

He explained that one option is performing Calf Implants, helping to create a more shapely appearance. Alternately, surgeons can remove fat from your stomach or another problem area, and inject it into the thigh muscles.

“What you’re doing is just building up, enhancing your natural calves, which works pretty well,” Dr. Andrew said.

The Doctors: Calf Strength Exercise

Though Dr. Travis Stork said a lot of our build is determined genetically, but you can build muscle in your calves by doing exercises in your kitchen, using a chair for support.


The Doctors demonstrated the exercise. Using one foot or both feet, and holding onto the back of the chair for support, gently rock up and down on the ball of your foot. This will naturally strengthen your calf muscle without injections or surgery.

The Drs TV: Running Backwards

Have you ever tried running backwards? I know plenty of people who have too much trouble just moving forward, so I’m not sure this activity is for everyone.

But Amby Burfoot, which sounds suspiciously like a pseudonym, Boston Marathon Winner and editor at large for Runner’s World magazine, said running backwards can build calf strength. He runs backwards to cool down after a run.

This will stretch and strengthen your leg muscles, but you have to go slower than you would if you were running forward. That probably also helps you lower your risk of falling down or running into someone or something you can’t see behind you.

The Doctors: Backwards Running at the Gym

You can also try this on an Elliptical Machine by switching up your exercise and going counterclockwise. Even some treadmills have a reverse setting, and hitting the gym instead of the track means you can run backwards in a relatively safe environment.

The Drs TV: Skinny Leg Fashions

You can also switch up your wardrobe to change the appearance of your legs. According to celebrity stylist Lindsey Albanese, the key to working with your skinny legs could be in your closet.

Lindsey recommended pants with rouching or pockets. High waisted pants can also highlight your natural curves, drawing attention away from the legs. Bell bottom pants will also camouflage your skinny legs.

But Lindsey said you should avoid chunky shoes with full skirts, because they’ll draw unwanted attention to your legs. She also recommended taking advantage of trendy printed tights, which will change the appearance of your legs, hopefully for the better.


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