The Doctors: Simple Cavities Can Lead To Abscesses & Cysts


The Doctors Around The World

Did you know that The Doctors is on around the world? The US version of The Doctors airs in over 100 countries worldwide, and some countries, like Portugal, have their own local versions. Today, The Doctors welcomed one of their contemporaries from Portugal’s version of The Doctors, dental surgeon Dr. Miguel Stanley.

Dr. Miguel said the shows help people learn about their health each day. “I think it saves lives,” he said. Dr. Travis Stork said health is a universal language.


The Drs: Dental Health

Taking care of your teeth & cutting off cavities can help you maintain good health.

The Drs TV: Dental Health

Dr. Miguel Stanley said that a small cavity could become a big health problem if it’s not properly treated. I count myself among people who hate the dentist, and it’s not even because of the drills or needles. It’s that it’s always such a hassle.

But Dr. Miguel said we shouldn’t worry about fear or expense when it comes to our dental health. He explained that cavities are caused by bacteria that gets stuck to our teeth. He used a cantaloupe to demonstrate how cavities wear down our tooth enamel.


The Doctors: Dental Abscess & Cysts

These bacteria feed off sugar, which is why doctors are always telling you to avoid the sweet stuff. “What people don’t know is that the internal structure of a tooth is a lot softer than enamel,” he said. “So a small hole, a small cavity on the enamel looks like it’s not a big problem, but if left untreated it can lead to a much bigger problem.”

This can cause an abscess, which can grow large and even potentially lead to death. He said that abscess contain disgusting amounts of bacteria, leading to bad breath and other health problems.

Another possible consequence is a cyst, which can develop around the base of a tooth, eating away at your bone. This makes it hard for surgeons to repair the damage.

The Drs TV: Dental Health Checkups

That’s why we’re supposed to keep up with our dental health via regular checkups. “People always tend to postpone their dental appointments,” he said. Patients who actually lose a tooth will begin chewing on one side of the mouth, which can lead to muscular problems like TMJ.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said pregnant women should keep their dental appointments, which can help them avoid preterm labor and other complications. Dr. Miguel added that pregnant women’s gums tend to be more inflamed, putting them at greater risk for infection.

The Doctors: Oral Health & Overall Health

Research continues to determine and expose the links between dental health and overall well being. Taking the time to take care of your teeth could save you a lot of time and money. “Health starts with a beautiful smile,” Dr. Miguel concluded.


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