The Doctors: Shake & Bake Meth Prep Dangers


The Doctors: Secondhand Dangers

Fill in the blank: Secondhand ____. Smoke probably comes to mind, but today The Doctors revealed many other second hand situations that could affect your health. I like getting a deal as well as the next person. Maybe I’ll be rethinking that after this show.

The Doctors: Shake & Bake Meth Lab

Meth cooks are using the Shake & Bake method to produce drugs in plastic bottles.


Is It Ok To Get Medical Results From An Assistant?

Is it OK to get your medical test results secondhand from an assistant? In my experience, they won’t always tell you anyway. Actors in The Doctors taped intro to this segment were dramatically split in their opinions.

Dr. Jim Sears said he will have a nurse call parents with good news, such as normal test results. But if he expects parents will have questions about a result, he makes time for those calls at the end of the day.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said she is in solo practice, so she sees all the results that come through her office. It gives her a chance to consider the results in the full health picture of a patient. Dr. Travis Stork said you can usually infer that you’re getting good news when an assistant calls you.


Doctor Vs Assistant Test Results

But if the doctor is on the phone, it could mean there’s something more complicated going on. Adding to the frustration is the fact that doctors can’t leave information in a voicemail due to privacy concerns.

Dr. Travis said it is important for doctors to make themselves available to answer questions and give advice when test results are a cause for concern. Dr. Lisa derided Internet services that send medical results directly to a patient, because that could be confusing and upsetting.

The Drs TV: Medical Advice From Friends & Family

Who do you turn to if you have an unexplained symptom? Do your friends or family members love to weigh in with their own experiences and opinions on what you should do about your minor medical problems? Dr. Andrew Ordon said the best thing you can do is get a referral from a trusted source, rather than secondhand advice.

Dr. Lisa said this plagues pregnant women, when friends tell them they don’t look big enough for their stage of pregnancy. Dr. Travis said advertising can also be a problem, encouraging the masses to take a variety of pills for every condition imaginable.

Dr. Travis said the best approach to secondhand advice is research. Talk to your doctor or look it up on your own to see if you can confirm what you have heard before you put it into action.

Secondhand Vomiting: Sympathy Vomiting

Did you know that vomiting can actually be contagious? Some people react to vomiting by vomiting themselves, even if they’re not sick. Dr. Jim said he suffers from this condition, and dry heaved to prove it. Either it’s true or he is a better actor than most of the people on this show.

Dr. Travis said Sympathy Vomiting is real and gross. It’s actually an evolved trait, and the science makes sense. The idea is that primates, for example, eat the same types of food in the wild. If one of them vomits, another may infer that something they ate is bad for them, and will also vomit. It’s a natural defense mechanism.

The urge to vomit actually starts in your brain, which instructs the intestines to expel something that is irritating the body. Dr. Jim said he was on an airplane when someone got airsick, and passengers used menthol to mask the smell and stave off vomiting.

The Doctors: Meth Prep Causes Burns

We already know that Meth is a dangerous and explosive drug, which seems like it is just as volatile in the production process as it is for end users. Meth labs have been contributing to an increase in burn patients, straining the medical community’s resources.

The Drs: Shake And Bake Meth

Dr. Travis explained that this method combines the raw ingredients for meth in something as common as a soda bottle. But if meth makers don’t know exactly what they’re doing, there are lots of ways they could burn themselves, whether by puncturing the bottle or even just opening it too soon.

Meth Burn Patients

The Doctors invited Dr. Michael Smock, head of the burn unit at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis. Hey, I know where that is. Dr. Michael said they believe at least 15% of his burn center patients come from meth labs. Way to make Missouri look good, meth cooks.

Commonly, meth cooks are burning the hands and face, which are difficult to treat. Dr. Michael said one way to combat this is to ban Psuedoephedrine, or make it a prescription-only medication. He suggested more stringent regulations, which I know have been a hot topic in the region in recent years.

Do you think Pseudoephedrine should be a prescription-only cold medication?


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