The Doctors: Seductress Flat Iron & Lean Belly Prescription


The Doctors: Seductress Flat Iron Giveaway

Flat Hair is a common complaint, but there is a safe way to flat iron your hair without damaging it. Celebrity stylist Kim Vo has tips to help you keep your hair safe.

First, from a distance of 4”, spray heat protectant or hairspray before you flatten. This forms a barrier to protect your hair.


The Drs: Flat Iron Safety

You can get flat hair and a flat stomach safely and easily at home, thanks to Kim Vo & the Seductress Flat Iron.

Kim Vo recommends using a ceramic iron, which causes a negative ionic reaction in the hair.

Hotter isn’t better. Use a low temperature setting, preferably under 350 degrees. Iron in one-inch sections, and never go over the hair twice.


Finish off your look with a little hair spray. And don’t use your flat iron every day. Limit it to special occasions or use about once per week.

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Seductress Flat Iron Giveaway

Dr. Lisa Masterson said she loves a ceramic flat iron called The Seductress. The studio audience members received The Seductress Flat Iron. Click here to purchase a Seductress Flat Iron for yourself.

Dr. Travis Stork: Flatter Belly In Five Days

Dr. Travis Stork shared quick and easy tips for getting a flatter stomach. Drinking eight glasses of water a day can help your body Flush Out Water Weight. Staying hydrates makes you less likely to overeat.

Eating lean protein three times a day makes you feel satisfied. Generally, you can eat as many vegetables as you want. Dr. Travis Stork also said not to eat four hours before going to bed. If you eat before bed, your body is trying to digest as you sleep. Staying full makes you feel flatter and can help you lose inches in a healthy way.

Dr. Travis Stork said more tips are in his book, The Lean Belly PrescriptionClick here to buy your copy of Dr. Travis Stork’s Lean Belly Prescription.

The Doctors: Flat Chest Exercises At Home

Dr. Andrew Ordon recommended pectoral exercises for Women Building Up Their Chests. This can give you more volume, as well as lifting and tightening your chest. Dr. Travis Stork suggested doing modified pushups on your knees.


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