The Doctors: Scary Symptoms That Are Harmless & Golf Ball Massage


The Doctors did a show called Scary Symptoms that are harmless, where they covered topics like Heart Palpitations, Nosebleeds, Hair Loss and Bloating.  How do you know when these medical symptoms are serious versus when they are harmless?  Read on for the answers! The Doctors Harmless Scary Symptoms

The Doctors: Golf Ball Massage

The Doctors brought Heather Karr, a Golf Ball Masseuse, onto their show to demonstrate how to do a deep tissue smooth massage with a golf ball.  Normally, the person receiving the massage has no clothes on and she uses oil, but in this case she did it over the shirt.  First, you warm up the muscles and then you bring in the Golf Ball Massage to do a deep muscle massage.  You can work on Trigger Points while saving the therapists hands.  Heather Karr developed a special case for a golf ball to go inside of so that you do not hurt your hand while giving this massage, and the case will be on the market in around 4 weeks.  I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for the Golf Ball Massage kit!  Karr also gave some advice on how you can do a Golf Ball Massage to yourself.  For example, you can put your foot up on a chair and roll the golf ball over your thigh muscles.


The Doctors: Stress Incontinence vs Urge Incontinence

The Doctors said that Incontinence is when you leak urine and there are a variety of reasons for Incontinence such as Stress Incontinence or Urge Incontinence.  If you cough and leak urine, it is most likely Stress Incontinence.  We have all heard about kegal exercises and how it can help with incontinence issues, but here are some other Incontinence Triggers:

The Doctors: Incontinence Triggers

1. Excessive water in take or drinking water before going to bed.

2.  Minimizing your alcohol consumption cal help Incontinence.


3.  Decreasing your caffeine can also help because it will reduce how dehydrated you are.

4.  Soda, citric acid foods (like limes and lemons) and spicy foods can irritate the bladder lining and cause Incontinence.

The Doctors: Toletta – Toilet Seat Covers

The Doctors also showed a really cool product called the Toletta, which are thicker, wider and softer than normal toilet seat covers.  You carry Toletta in your purse and they have a pink container to support Breast Cancer Research and a blue container that supports Poverty Awareness.  Or you can do what my mother always said to do – which is to squat!


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