The Doctors: Samantha Harris’ Foot Calluses and Children’s Body Odor


The Doctors: Samantha Harris’ Foot Calluses

Former host of Dancing with the Stars and current host of Stars Earn Stripes Samantha Harris appeared on The Doctors TV Show to talk about her gross body issues.

Harris said that Stars Earn Stripes was an amazing experience and she loved the opportunity to to get to know men who put on a uniform every day to protect our rights.


Recently, Harris has been noticing more calluses on her feet. She didn’t know if they were from the dry Southern California air or because she was getting older. She has also dealt with cracked heels.

The Doctors: How to Get Rid of Foot Calluses and Cracked Heels

The Doctors: Foot Calluses Remedy & Growing Basics Deodorant Review

Stars Earn Stripes host Samantha Harris learned what she can do about her foot calluses and her daughter’s body odor. (s_bukley /

Dr. Travis Stork said that calluses had less to do with your environment and more to do with the pressure that you put on your foot. If you look at a microscope, you’ll see that calluses are made of dead skin cells with keratin that’s formed on top to protect your feet.


Cracked heels have more to do with the dry air. Dr. Lisa Masterson said that just like the rest of our body, our feet need pampering. She recommended a paraffin wax treatment, and she and Harris demonstrated these on the show. The paraffin wax will moisturize and hydrate your feet.

The Doctors: Children’s Body Odor

Harris has a five-year-old daughter, and said she’s getting to the age where she has more body odor. She wondered how to keep her daughter smelling clean without drawing attention to the odor and making her self-conscious.

The Doctors: Introducing Your Child to Deodorant

Dr. Jim Sears asked Harris what she would say to her daughter if the shirt she had on for school was ripped. Harris said she’d tell her that she needed to put something else on that was clean and appropriate for school. Dr. Sears said to use that exact same tone of voice and tell her “Hey, you smell, so lets put on some deodorant.”

He said to be very frank about the situation, and to not act like it’s weird or uncomfortable because then your child will think it is.

The Doctors: Growing Basics Children’s Deodorant

Dr. Sears said that he doesn’t like to use adult deodorants on kids because of some of the ingredients. He recommended the Growing Basics line that has no aluminums or parabens in them and is safe down to age six. See more from Growing Basics in the video below.


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