The Doctors: Salmon Infused Vodka & How To Change Diapers


The Doctors Unscripted

The Doctors are “unscripted” today, as they made overwhelming clear during a skit backstage. Dr. Travis Stork couldn’t get anyone to talk to him about the day’s show. Dr. Lisa Masterson received a blank script. Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Jim Sears couldn’t get answers either.

Adding to the confusion, my local station had the audio out of sync, running about 20 seconds behind the audio. Did anyone else have this problem?


Today, The Doctors are supposedly being surprised by their producers with a show of surprises they know nothing about. Will The Doctors be able to handle the surprises? And will my audio and video ever sync? Stay tuned to find out.

The Doctors wore causal attire and sat on a living room style set surrounded by random props and assorted junk.

The Drs: Bacon Vodka

Do you have the stomach to try food vodkas, like Bacon or Salmon Vodka?


The Doctors: Food Flavored Vodka

Christina is a cocktail waitress, and she wanted to offer The Doctors a refreshing beverage. Using food flavored vodka, she said she would make drinks for them. The only catch was that she would make The Doctors guess what flavor of vodka they were drinking.

The Doctors: Bacon Vodka

The Doctors promoted drinking in moderation. Christina served two drinks. Dr. Jim Sears and Dr. Andrew Ordon got the same beverage. They correctly guessed that they had received Bacon Vodka.

Click here to try Bakon Vodka for yourself.

The Doctors: Salmon Vodka

Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr. Travis Stork received a different drink. They had trouble figuring out their drink, so Christina gave them a clue: “I am pink and boast Omega 3 benefits.” With the clue, Dr. Travis guessed he was drinking Salmon Vodka, which sounds awful.

Christina explained that this is a Salmon Infused Vodka. But before they could move on to more cocktails, executive producer Carla Pennington cut in from the control room, to introduce a video for the next topic.

The Drs: Does Kissing Spread Colds

A woman said she was getting over a cold, and her boyfriend won’t kiss her. She asked how long it would be until she is no longer contagious. As a follow up question, she asked which of The Doctors has the softest lips.

Dr. Travis Stork said there are some diseases that are spread through kissing. One of them is Mononucleosis, which is spread through saliva. But colds are not spread that way, so kissing is OK. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Jim shared a kiss, and Dr. Andrew even swooped in for a peck from Dr. Jim, using fake lips he found lying around.

The Doctors: How To Change A Diaper

But before Dr. Travis could make his point, a man wandered out from backstage, saying he needed a doctor’s help. The man ducked backstage and quickly returned with a baby named Hudson. The Doctors passed him around as he cried. Dr. Andrew Ordon tried to placate him with a breast implant, which is hilarious.

Baby Hudson is six months old, and I guess this dude is his dad, but he’s never changed the diaper. The Doctors shared some basic tips on how to change a baby, as Hudson screamed and cried.

How To Change A Diaper

  1. Thoroughly wipe the baby clean.
  2. Apply cream or ointment as needed.
  3. Make sure straps are facing backwards. Dr. Jim said putting the diaper on backwards or using the wrong size diaper are common mistakes.

The segment abruptly ended, so I hope that baby is going to be OK. This show is a mess so far, and it’s only the first commercial break.


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