The Doctors: Sage, Rosemary & Lemon Bath Sweat Remedy


The Doctors: Underarm Sweat

Dr. Jim Sears had an embarrassing medical question of his own. He has overactive sweat glands under his arms, and he can’t seem to find a solution. He said he has tried deodorants and dietary changes, but nothing seems to get it under control. He even showed off a sweaty button up shirt that he wore around the office.

The Doctors: Rosemary & Sage Bath

The Doctors said that a Rosemary & Sage Bath could help cure your stinky armpits.


Why We Sweat

Before sharing a home remedy, Dr. Travis explained the science of sweat. Exercise, heat, and stress are among the factors that can cause sweating.

How To Stop Sweating

How can you make it stop? The body has two types of sweat glands. Most of them secrete water and salt. But glands in the armpits and groin release a more oily substance, which attracts bacteria. As bacteria eat your sweat, they release the odors we smell.

Genetics and diet can affect the amount and odor of your sweat, but it’s different for everyone.


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The Doctors: Sage & Rosemary Bath Remedy

Dr. Lisa Masterson was backstage with Dr. Jim to help him squelch the sweat stench. She planned to use a Sage & Rosemary bath to treat him. She said they had already tried a Tomato Bath and a Ramen Noodle Bath, which I guess were unsuccessful.

Sage contains Vitamin B and Magnesium. Dr. Lisa added Lemon and Rosemary to eat the bacteria, because they are natural astringents.

Dr. Lisa even stuck her leg in the bath for some reason, much to Dr. Travis’s dismay.

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What Is The Importance of Sweating?

“Sweating is your body’s mechanism of cooling down,” Dr. Travis said, as Dr. Lisa swung her other leg into the tub, sitting on the edge next to Dr. Jim.

She explained that the bath felt nice, and Dr. Jim said the scent was piny. They didn’t really explain how much Sage or Rosemary it might take to make your bath fragrant and give you results.


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