The Doctors: Runner’s Knee Exercise & Iliotibial Band Injections


The Doctors: Knee Pain Treatments

Have you been noticing Knee Pain during your workouts? Do you need a solution that lets you still work out, but not make the problem even worse?

Dr. Travis Stork met Leena, whose Knee Issues have been persistent since age 16. Her knee swells and causes pain.


Leena said her physical therapist recommended wearing a knee brace, and she said she has really noticed the difference in pain after running or hiking.

The Drs: Knee Pain Solutions

Get the solutions to fight your knee pain, including exercises and injections.

The Drs TV: Protecting Your Knees

Dr. Travis cited a recent study that found the overall health of patients improved after Knee Replacement Surgery, “because they were able to be more active.”


He turned to a sports professional for more advice about protecting your knees.

The Doctors: Runner’s Knee

Gary Vitti is the head athletic trainer for the LA Lakers, and he said there are two main causes of knee problems in athletes. The first is a condition commonly called Runner’s Knee, or Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome.

This band actually starts in your hip, and goes down to the knee joint. It can be rubbed during your run, causing friction and pain.

The Drs TV: Runner’s Knee Exercise

He recommended doing a stretch exercise to avoid knee pain. “Take the left leg, put it behind the right leg. Lift the left arm up, and then lean to the right, till we feel the whole stretch, all the way down,” Gary said.

The Doctors: Patella Tendinitis

Gary said the other common knee complaint he sees is Jumper’s Knee, or Patella Tendinitis.

This can happen if your Patella starts to shift too far out of place, but exercises can help move it back in the right direction.

The Drs TV: Patella Tendinitis Exercise

He explained how you can exercise at home to alleviate this problem. “Take your own hand, push the kneecap laterally, and then contract that muscle as hard as you can,” he said. “Tract and hold it for 10 seconds, and do that 10 times.”

Ultimately, Gary said you have to find the right exercises that work for you, and “the best way to treat an injury is to prevent it.”

The Doctors: Knee Pain Injections

Dr. Steven Sampson had one more knee pain solution to share with his patient, Ashley. This is a homeopathic injection to relieve pain in the Iliotibial Band.

“This is a cocktail of approximately 14 minerals and plant extracts that are entirely safe and natural,” he explained, adding that they would fight pain and encourage natural healing.

Dr. Travis asked about how long these injections need to take effect, and Dr. Steven said patients will see relief within the first 24 hours.

“There are a lot of treatments out there before you have to resort to surgery,” Dr. Travis said. He recommended taking knee pain seriously and dealing with it before the problem escalates.


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