The Doctors: Roundworms in Humans & Trachoma Eye Infection


The Doctors: Gross Anatomy

Dr. Travis Stork said that some parasites can be good for you, but there are some that you should be aware of if you are a pet owner. Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez consulted with a patient named Troy, whose new puppy has roundworms.

The Drs: Roundworms in Humans

The Drs: Roundworms in Humans

Dogs and cats could pass Roundworm eggs to humans through their stool.


Dr. Rodriguez explained that Roundworms can get into your Colon, ranging in size from one inch to as long as one yard. They are common in dogs and cats, and the eggs can be passed on from animal stool.

Those eggs develop into worms, and human symptoms often include belly pain or bloody stool, which could even contain worms. If your dog or cat has had roundworms, pay attention to your symptoms. The good news is this condition is totally treatable.

Are you a pet owner? Has your animal ever experienced Roundworms?


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The Doctors: What Is a Trachoma

Zach is a student in Ohio who said he thought the suffix -oma meant tumor. But he wants to know what a Trachoma is. Online, he read that it’s an infection.

Dr. Travis explained that Trachoma is a bacterial eye infection spread by the same bacteria that causes the STD Chlamydia.

Trachoma is spread through eye, nose, or throat secretions, and according to Dr. Travis Stork, it’s “the leading infectious cause of blindness in the world.”

The Drs: Trachoma Eye Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of this condition include eye discharge, swollen lymph nodes near your ears, and swollen eyelids or inverted eyelashes.

Those all sound like reasons to consult a doctor about your treatment options. Nobody wants to end up blind if it’s avoidable, right?

The Doctors: Gross Anatomy

Dr. Travis Stork said if you are struggling with a strange or uncomfortable anatomy problem, you don’t have to suffer alone. He recommended perseverance, suggesting that you seek a second opinion if your doctor isn’t helping you find relief.

“There are solutions out there, so don’t give up,” he said.

The Drs TV: Gross Anatomy Updates

The Doctors checked in with the Gross Anatomy patients featured in the show for updates on their progress after treatment.

Shannon, the woman with the enlarged labia, said after a few days she was still a bit sore from the procedures, but her pain and discomfort have already improved.

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Tarra, the woman with boils and abscesses, said her redness has gone down and swelling is reduced as well. She is enjoying playing with her children without pain.

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Gladys, who received toe implants for her short toes, loves being able to walk on the beach without being self conscious, now that her toes are all a normal length.

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Finally, Carrie, the Psoriasis patient, reported that her symptoms have gone down since treatment. She said she is hopeful that this will help her keep her condition under control.

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