The Doctors: Rectal Prostate Exam | Gyno Guide & Pap Smears


The Doctors: Personality Test

“Could your personality be harming your health, or even killing you?” Dr. Travis Stork asked. Stubbornness, fear, and other common traits could have health consequences, and The Doctors explained why.

The Drs: Gynecological Exam

The Doctors demystified the Prostate Exam & Gynecological Exam to help viewers overcome fears and address medical concerns.


The Drs TV: Prostate Exams

Many men are reluctant to get a Prostate Exam, but this can lead to urinary pain, infections, and even cancer. Dr. Travis said a billboard campaign is gaining attention.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has bought billboards saying, “This year, thousands of men will die from stubbornness.” According to statistics, men are less likely than women to see their doctors regularly.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said women tend to have higher insurance premiums because they are more likely to keep up with preventative health and routine appointments.


Dr. Jim Sears Rectal Exam

In a video piece, Dr. Andrew Ordon actually tricked Dr. Jim into getting a preventative test. Dr. Jen Berman informed Dr. Jim that he needed a Rectal Exam and Prostate Exam. Dr. Jim has experienced symptoms after bike riding, and Dr. Jen explained that his complaints could be warning signs of serious health problems.

Dr. Jen said that his prostate was not enlarged. She used a large trans-rectal probe to examine his anatomy and check his health. After the examination, she reported that his test results were normal. He had a small cyst, but she said it was nothing to be concerned about.

Dr Sears Rectal Exam Results

Back in the studio, Dr. Jim thanked Dr. Andrew for tricking him into this appointment. He suggested that other men not put this off.

“It’s a serious issue for men,” Dr. Andrew said. These preventative tests are “a good place to start.”

Dr. Jim said he often encounters men who don’t have a general practitioner. He stressed that you need to have a doctor you can turn to for your health.

The Doctors: Fear Over Medical Health

Fear is an emotion that can have real health effects. But it should not prevent you from getting regular checkups and treatment. For women, that can mean Gynecological Exams to catch and prevent cancer or STDs.

Dr. Lisa Masterson welcomed Dina, who is afraid of getting an OB/GYN examination. Dr. Lisa said she wants women to think of their Gynecologist as a girlfriend they can talk to.

Dr. Lisa’s Girlfriend Gyno Guide

She said you can take a friend with you to your appointment. Doctors will ask about your medical history so they understand where you are coming from. She said an examination would start with the gynecologist’s gloved hand, letting you get comfortable as they do an exterior examination of the genitals.

Dr. Lisa recommended some grooming of the genital area. She explained that the Speculum, which doctors use to do the internal vaginal examination. She said you can tell your doctor if it’s uncomfortable, so they can find a better size for you.

What Happens During a Pap Smear

She said they make sure the Speculum is warm, for the patient’s comfort. She explained that the internal examination looks for discharge or other abnormality. They may also take a swab to test for STDs. Cervical ulcerations or lesions are also a concern during the exam.

Next, the doctor will do a Pelvic Exam using just two fingers. They will feel your stomach first. Then the physician will do a digital examination of your vagina to see if there are any health concerns that weren’t visible during the inspection.

How Often To See a Gynecologist

Dr. Lisa explained that your doctor would inspect your anatomy, looking for masses or other abnormalities. Women over 40 may also receive a Rectal Exam to supplement the pelvic exam.

She recommended an annual exam for a healthy woman. Certain test results or personal needs may require more frequent exams. Doctors want you to come back and stay healthy, so they try to take the fear out of the process for you.


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