The Doctors: Randy Jackson Type II Diabetes Diagnosis & Management


The Doctors: Randy Jackson Type II Diabetes Diagnosis & Management

Randy Jackson joined The Doctors for a discussion on managing type II diabetes. (s_bukley /

The Doctors: Randy Jackson Heaviest Weight

Randy Jackson is a recording artist, bassist and Grammy Award-winning record producer. Since 2002, Randy has also appeared as a judge on American Idol. However, Randy had a far more serious issue to discuss when he joined The Doctors.


Randy may look fit and fashionable now (he was sporting gold shoes), but that wasn’t always the case. When Randy looks back now, he can’t believe that he was 355 pounds at his heaviest weight. After being diagnosed with type II diabetes, Randy took control of his health and lost 110 pounds.

The Drs: Randy Jackson Type II Diabetes Diagnosis

After experiencing common symptoms such as extreme thirst and fatigue, Randy eventually went to emergency room and was immediately diagnosed with diabetes. This was about 10 years ago, around the same time when American Idol began. Randy had always been told to exercise often and eat healthy, but he never listened until after his diagnosis.


Now, Randy plays tennis, does yoga and stays active in order to maintain his health. He created the website Taking Diabetes to Heart in order to help others with diabetes. One young woman that desperately needed Randy’s help was Bethannie.

The Doctors: Bethannie Diagnosed With Type II Diabetes At 13

Dr. Travis Stork said that rates of type II diabetes have more than doubled, and it’s no longer a disease of older people. Sadly, there are more children than ever with diabetes, and Bethannie was one of these kids. At the age of 13, she was well over 200 pounds and eventually was diagnosed with pancreatitis and type II diabetes. Now, Bethannie feels that she is in a “slump” after moving out of her parents’ house and not managing her diabetes correctly.

The Drs: What Is Type II Diabetes?

Dr. Travis explained that when a person with type II diabetes eats a meal, sugar enters the bloodstream. Insulin is needed to convert the sugar to energy, but this insulin is ignored by the body. This leads to high amounts of sugar in the blood vessels, creating problems for the eyes, the kidneys, the heart and more.

Randy advised Bethannie to get her diabetes under control by using simple methods. For example, she should commit to walking every single day, even before joining the gym. Diabetes is manageable if you make the right choices.


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