The Doctors: Protecting Your Skin In Winter


The Doctors: Winter Skin Protection

Dr. Andrew Ordon offered simple tips to protect your skin on any budget.

The Doctors: Peppermint Foot Bath

Using warm water, condensed milk, and peppermint extract, you can give yourself a warm foot bath. Start with warm water, then add condensed milk, which contains lactic acid to exfoliate your skin. Then add peppermint. The menthol is soothing and will trigger your nerve receptors and can even battle foot odors.


The Doctors: Snowflake Facial

Dr. Andrew Ordon offered home remedies for taking care of your skin during the harsh, cold winter months.

The Doctors: White Russian Hand Treatment

Hands can reveal a lot about your age. “Keeping them moist and healthy is extra important during the winter months,” Dr. Andrew Ordon said. Hot Toddys are not just for sipping anymore, he added.

He introduced the White Russian Winter Hand Treatment to exfoliate dead skin. It starts with coffee grounds, which exfoliates. The caffeine will even make your blood vessels firmer.


Vodka is a natural astringent, which will tighten the skin. Olive Oil is a great moisturizer and will prevent the mixture from evaporating and protect skin from UV damage.

Another ingredient is lemon juice, which exfoliates and reduces age spots. Last, sea salt will help to open the pores and add minerals to the skin.

Mix the ingredients in a bowl, then dip your fingers in the mix. You can also dip a towel in this concoction and wrap it around your hands while you soak them for a few minutes.

The Doctors: Snowflake Facial

Mimi Dakar of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic introduced the Snowflake Facial, a natural anti-aging treatment created from the summer snowflake plant. It inhibits muscle contraction, like a natural Botox treatment.

Miki Dakar applied the facial to a model and said that its hydrating properties are great for skin during winter. She put a cloth mask on over the application, which should help the facial penetrate the skin.

The facial sits on the skin for about 15 minutes and is followed by a stem cell transformer application to extend the effects all day long. The treatment is offered at the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills.

Mimi Dakar said you could find out how to create this facial at home.


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