The Doctors: Prolapsed Rectum Surgery | Can Your Rectum Fall Out


The Doctors: Can Your Rectum Fall Out

A viewer emailed The Doctors to ask if it is possible for your rectum to fall out of your body. Is this a myth or a reality?

To answer this question, The Doctors got advice from proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld, who said this is a real possibility.

The Doctors: Your Colon Is A Waterslide

Today The Doctors explained how your colon is like a waterslide, and what effect this has on a condition called Prolapsed Rectum.

The Drs TV: Prolapsed Rectum

He explained that it won’t fall out of your body, but will rather prolapse. There is a myth that anal intercourse can be a cause of this condition, but that is untrue.

Prolapsed Rectum Causes

Dr. Rosenfeld explained that this condition is most common among women ages 60 to 80, though it can happen to men as well. It is caused by pressure on the rectum over a long period of time. One reason it may be more common in women is due to the physical pressure involved in childbirth.

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