The Doctors: Pregnancy & Dentistry: Pregnant Dentist Visits


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of “Your Health In The Headlines” today – meaning that they covered many of the topics that are hot and controversial right now.  The Drs TV Show spoke about Pregnancy and Dental Health.  A new study shows that if you have good dental health, then you will have a healthier baby and be at a lower risk for a premature birth. The Doctors Dentists & Pregnancy

The Doctors TV Show: Dentist Visits While Pregnant

Dr Lisa Masterson said that the best time to go to the dentist is actually during the 2nd trimester.  It is important to have routine checkups to make sure that you are not getting infected gums, which can cause pre-term labor.  Even if you have to have a dental x-ray, it should be ok as long as you use a shield.  Personally, I do not feel very good about that idea!


The Doctors said that there is a common misconception that it is dangerous to go to the dentist while you are pregnant, and this simply is not true.  Dr Mark Liechtung, a dentist, said that you should talk to your dentist if you are planning to get pregnant and have a family soon, because that way your dentist can help you to take precautions.

The Doctors TV Show: Gestational Gingivitis

Dr Mark Liechtung told The Doctors that pregnant women are at risk for getting Gestational Gingivitis, which is an inflammation and swelling of the gums that can lead to tooth loss or bone loss and can lead to problems both during your pregnancy and afterward.  A few pieces of advice for Dentists Visits While Pregnant include keeping your legs above your heart during your dental exam.  And go for more frequent cleaning when you are pregnant to prevent problems from coming up.


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