The Doctors: Pink Urine & Pink Mildew


The Doctors TV Show: Pink Urine Causes

Dr. Travis Stork said that seeing pink in the toilet after urinating can be frightening. There can be different causes; however,  it is important to pay attention to pink urine.

Dr. Lisa Masterson explained that pink urine or blood in the urine is called hematuria, and you should always tell your doctor about it, so they can help you figure out the problem.


Dr Lisa Masterson: Pink Urine Causes

The Doctors: Pink Urine & Pink Mildew

Dr. Lisa Masterson & Dr. James Sears discussed causes and solutions for pink urine & pink mildew.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said possible causes of pink urine include bladder infection, kidney infection, or even cancers or tumors.

She stressed that it doesn’t automatically mean something bad. There could be plenty of normal explanations, such as a woman’s monthly period. But asking a doctor can help you rule out those common causes or get to the bottom of something potentially serious.


Blood In Urine: Hematuria

Dr. Travis Stork said hematuria can be subtle and hard to detect. So even a little change and color could be cause for concern. Dr. Lisa Masterson added that vigorous exercise can sometimes cause hematuria.

Dr. James Sears talked about microscopic hematuria, which cannot be detected except through a microscope. He explained that this is why doctors take a urine sample from kids at every checkup, to look for blood in the urine that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

The Doctors: Blood In Urine

Blood in the urine could indicate a bladder or kidney infection. But it could also mean hypercalcuria, which is the presence of too much calcium in the urine, Dr. James Sears said, or kidney inflammation.

Many of these conditions won’t cause other symptoms in children until they have progressed to a significant stage. However, Dr. James Sears said there could be normal explanations for hematuria. Even children wearing seat belts too tightly can cause a little blood in the urine, but it will clear up on its own.

Dr James Sears: What Foods Cause Pink Urine

“It’s amazing how much information your doctor can glean from a little urine,” Dr. Travis Stork said. Dr. James Sears explained that pink urine may not be blood. Rather, eating some foods can cause pink urine. Rhubarb, beets, berries, and even red dye can temporarily turn your urine pink.

Dr. Travis Stork said it’s better to be safe than sorry and recommended having your doctor analyze your urine if you notice that it has turned pink.

The Doctors: Pink Mildew

Dr. Travis Stork said everyone has dealt with pink mildew in the shower. Its scientific name is Serratia, and it loves the shower.

Dr. Lisa Masterson explained that it feeds off of soap residue and is the same bacteria that is involved in bladder infections or wound infections. She said that bleach products are the only way to kill this bacteria.

Dr Lisa Masterson: Bleach Product Safety

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that you need to be careful to follow safety precautions when using bleach products. She suggested reading the directions and warning labels, making sure to ventilate the bathroom, and rinsing the area after you have finished cleaning it.

Dr. Travis Stork said his doctor’s orders for today are to keep the pink mildew out of the shower.


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