The Doctors: Photodynamic Damaged Skin Treatment & Dandruff Tips


The Drs: Photodynamic Treatment For Damaged Skin

Dermatologist Dr. Greg Van Dyke and his patient Jennifer joined Dr. Andrew Ordon to talk about a new cosmetic procedure. It’s a Photodynamic Cosmetic Treatment. To prepare, Jennifer applied a chemical to her skin about an hour before her appearance on the show, which she then washed off.

The chemical is absorbed by sun damaged skin cells. The procedure is somewhat uncomfortable, but not too painful. This process can help with discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. It can also help to control pore size.


The Drs TV: Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is a common skin condition, but it's not contagious, and it's usually easy to treat.

Dr. Van Dyke shined a bright red light on Jennifer’s face, and the light is designed to react with the chemicals on Jennifer’s face. He said the treatment takes about six minutes, and most patients would need three treatments over about two months. Despite the brightness, patients do not need goggles, and there are minimal side effects, according to Dr. Van Dyke.

The Doctors: Dandruff Treatments

Earlier in the show, The Doctors talked about Beardruff Treatments. Now, Dr. Travis Stork said not to stress about Dandruff. He said it is a chronic scalp condition caused by itching and flaking skin on the scalp. It’s not contagious, and it’s rarely serious. But it is embarrassing and tends to get worse in the fall and winter.


Dandruff can usually be managed with a medicated shampoo, which is massaged into the scalp and sits for five minutes. You can always ask your doctor for tips if your Dandruff is getting out of control.

The Doctors: Frey’s Syndrome Botox Results

Dr. Andrew Ordon gave Rochelle Botox Injections To Treat Frey’s Syndrome. He injected it where her sweat glands are located. This should keep her sweat glands from responding every time she chews something. Results should be noticeable within 48 hours.

The Drs TV Show: Tanya’s Body Image Update

Earlier in the season, viewer Tanya was aggravated with her body image, and never felt thin enough or pretty enough, despite her dramatic exercise routine. She still has memories of struggling with obesity and humiliation as a child.

Tanya phoned in to give The Doctors an update on her progress. She reported that she’s beginning to feel confident and comfortable with herself, even accepting compliments. She has become a personal trainer, to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Dr. Travis Stork said sometimes the solution to your problem is as simple as getting support from someone you trust. He encouraged everyone to be comfortable with who they are.


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