The Doctors: Pet Tests, Dog Exams & Ask the Vet


The Doctors TV Show today was on the topic of “What Tests Do I Need” and one area they covered was Tests Dogs Should Have.  During the Ask The Vet the segment, there was a precious dog named Bella joined by a vet, Ruth MacPete.  Here are some of the steps in the Pet Physical Exam shown on the Drs TV Show: The Doctors Dog Tests

The Doctors: Dog Physical Exam Test

– Check the eyes for cataracts


– Check the mouth for dental diseases

– Lymph node exam

– Examine Ears


– Heart exam for heart murmurs or arrhythmia which could be signs of Heart Disease

– Look at your dog’s skin and check for a skin infection

– Check the abdomen to look for any masses or tumors

You should bring your dog to the vet for physical exams yearly or twice a year for older and younger dogs.  Do not skip physical exams just because the dog seems to be doing well.  You also want to get blood tests for  your dog to be sure it does not have kidney disease, diabetes or feline leukemia in cats.

Another person told The Doctors that she has a cat that is a total couch potato and it keeps gaining weight.  Should you worry if your cat is getting fat?  The answer is yes, you do not want your cat getting fat, so here are some tips for preventing your cat (or dog) from getting obese.

The Doctors: Pet Exercise Tips

1.  Encourage Activity

You can encourage activity in a cat by pointing a laser pointer and having the cat chase the light.

2.  Buy Active Play Toys

If you have a cat, you can get one of those feather toys and get your cat to jump and play with it.

3.  Buy a Remote Control Mouse

4.  Make Them Work For Their Food

Put your cat’s food on a counter so they will have to jump to get their food or put the food on a different floor in the house so that they cannot sleep and eat on the same floor.


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