The Doctors: Pellet Procedure & Hormone Replacement Therapy Pills


The Doctors: Menopause & Heredity

Audience member Nelly said her mom died of Ovarian Cancer at age 50. Nelly is 53, and she has not had a Hysterectomy. Her doctor has mentioned hormone replacement therapy, but Nelly prefers a natural approach. She asked what Dr. Lisa Masterson thought about her situation.

The Doctors: HRT Vs Natural Remedies

Work with your doctor to understand the hormone therapies and natural remedies that are right for your specific needs.


The Doctors: Ovarian Cancer Vs Breast Cancer

Dr. Lisa said Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer are closely linked. Female hormones such as Estrogen and Progesterones actually work to decrease your risk of Ovarian Cancer. But if you have a risk of Breast Cancer, these hormones can increase your risk.

Dr. Lisa said genetic testing is a key piece of this decision. Nelly said she wants to be careful to take care of her body. Dr. Lisa said you have to figure out the right thing for you, and work with your gynecologist to make informed decisions.

Weight gain is not necessarily caused by hormonal changes. You have to consider other factors as well, such as diet and environment.


The Doctors: Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Lisa Masterson explained that Bioidentical Hormones are identical to what the body naturally produces. Bioidentical Estrogen is Estradiol, and it’s manufactured by pharmeceutical companies.

Different formulations have different effects on the body. Oral pills are broken down by the liver, and they carry different side effects than patches or creams, which absorb more of the hormones into the blood.

Dr Lisa Masterson: Birth Control Vs Hormone Replacement

Dr. Lisa said Birth Control Pills and Hormone Replacements are one and the same, just at different doses. Birth Control has a higher dosage, to prevent ovulation and act as a contraceptive. Hormone Replacement is meant to supplement the natural tapering of hormone production that comes with aging.

The Drs TV: Pellet Procedure

Dr. Lisa explained a new hormonal treatment called a Pellet Procedure. It’s an outpatient procedure that requires a small incision through which hormone pellets are placed under the skin. Dr. Lisa said you have to consider the best delivery method as well as the right type of hormone for your body.

The Doctors: Menopause Natural Remedies

Another audience member has been in Menopause for five years. She wanted to find a natural remedy to treat her Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, and Vaginal Dryness. Dr. Lisa said yam cream can’t be broken down, so you can skip that one.

She recommended remedies such as Soy, Ginseng, Red Clover, DHEA, and GABA as possible natural options. She said to look for plant- or animal-based products, which are considered natural approaches.

Again, Dr. Lisa recommended checking with your doctor for advice on the best approach for you, because some supplements could interact with medication you’re currently taking. The important thing to know is there are plenty of options, and you don’t have to be miserable during Menopause.


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