The Doctors: Pellet Hormone Therapy & Symptoms of Early Menopause

The Doctors: Symptoms Of Early Menopause

Meli told The Doctors she had developed a hate/hate relationship with menopause. She thought she started menopause early and wanted to know if pellet hormone therapy is something she should look into. She told Dr. Lisa Masterson she is continually having hot flashes and she has severe mood swings. Dr. Masterson asked if it just PMS but Meli said she has not had a period in three years, since she was about 40-years-old.

The Doctors: Pellet Hormone Therapy & Symptoms of Early Menopause

The Doctors talked about the symtoms of early menopause and what perimenopause could mean for women.

Dr. Masterson looked a bit nervous for her stopping her period so early in her life. She told her to have her hormone levels checked because thyroid problems and tumors can mimic these symptoms. But Dr. Masterson said it could also be menopause starting early.

She reminded everyone in the audience that menopause is not a disease or an illness. It is a natural process that happens to a woman after she has stopped having her period for a year, around the age of 50 to 51. Anything prior to that age is considered perimenopause, meaning the estrogen levels are falling low and the ovaries are sputtering. But there is hope.

The Doctors: Pellet Hormone Therapy

A new treatment called pellet hormone therapy is a quick procedure involving several small pellets, depending on the dosage, being inserted under the skin. These pellet will release estrogen and testosterone into the system in a steady dose.

Dr. Masterson advised women to talk with their gynecologist about the procedure and to continue seeing the gynecologist because the women are in the ages when cancer is most likely to develop. She also told women to make sure they are careful about the pharmacy they obtain the pellet hormones from because the hormones are not natural. You must make sure the type you are getting is safe for your body and is approved by the FDA.

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